Rock Hard: Holy F*&^

We’d had a busy couple of days with quite a bit of travelling and it accumulated with a gig just down the road from the Rock And Roll Hall Fame in Cleveland, not only that but it was probably one of the best gigs we’d had on the entire tour. We still had two gigs left on our current tour, Detroit and Chicago, but even our home town of Chicago, where we were very popular, was going to be hard pressed to beat the crowd of Cleveland.

Although I’d have liked a bit more than the five hours sleep I got as I have suggested more than a few times, when we are on the road I do tend to get by with less sleep, so that five hours of uninterrupted sleep really was magic and I actually woke feeling more refreshed than I had for days.

I was so refreshed I actually decided to grant Adam one of those wishes he’d been begging for over the previous few days. The fact that Adam was still asleep when I decided it was time to grant those wishes was just icing on the cake so to speak.

Gently pulling the covers back trying not to wake him I exposed Adam’s naked body. I’d slept so well and been so out of it when he’d arrived in bed I hadn’t even noticed he had laid naked beside me. It almost looked like he was laying there waiting for me to try something…so I did.

I slithered down the bed slowly trying not to wake him, when I was where I wanted to be I gently leaned over him without actually touching him, opened my mouth and took his limp cock inside my mouth.

No sooner had I started moving my lips and tongue than Adam started to stir, he didn’t move much so I wasn’t sure if he was actually awake or just close to it, but I did know he was becoming excited. As his member grew in my mouth I let my lips work harder, sliding them up and down the shaft. The more he grew the faster I moved my lips up and down but it wasn’t until I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and started to rub him as well that I knew he was awake, the moan a dead give away.

I rubbed slow and tight as I watched him open his eyes and look down at me, he didn’t say anything but the smile on his face let me know I was doing what he liked. When I wrapped my lips around the big purple head and started to circle it with my tongue I felt Adam’s hand gently moving through my hair. His moans became quicker but not louder as my hand worked his throbbing shaft and when I tasted that first dribble of clear sweet juice from the tip of his cock I knew it was time to change positions.

I released Adam and climbed up onto my knees, I was still wearing my underwear so I had to take a few seconds to remove them before I made my next move. Adam was not just standing to attention but his rock hard dick was still dribbling in anticipation of what was to happen. As soon as I was free of my underwear I climbed over him, one leg each side of his hips and gently lowered myself into his rigid excitement.

Kneeling on my knees and with my torso directly upright I rode Adam slowly, moving my hips backward and forwards. I felt his dick move inside me, I felt his crotch gently rub my moist lips, then I felt his fingers as the began to rub my swollen clit. Suddenly his moans were not the only ones that could be heard from that bed.

After several minutes of riding him I lowered myself down and began kissing him on the lips. I felt him thrust his hips upwards driving his cock further inside me. I told him to stop and let me do the work, he did and within seconds I was doing just that.

Adam and I kissed each other on the lips, on the neck and anywhere we could as I rode him, thrusting myself onto his hard dick then pulling up and thrusting again. The faster his cock slid in and out of my pussy the quicker our breathing became, the quicker our breaths the closer we came to exploding.

Adam told me he was ready to cum, I begged him to hold on for just a little longer but he couldn’t and within a few thrusts he was shooting his white hot seed into me. While I wasn’t there immediately hearing his moans, hearing his breath and feeling him explode inside me was enough to get me over the line only seconds after him.

“Holy fuck!” I panted as I lay on top of Adam trying to catch my breath. I could feel him shrinking side me but I still didn’t want to release him.

“I’m not sure how holy it as but it was definitely a fuck, and a darn good one!” he replied panting just like I was.

I was too worn out to give him a thump for the silly comment, even after it followed my silly comment so instead I just lay there with my head on his shoulder and his shrinking member between my legs.


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