Rock Hard: The End?

“Neither?” I asked in response to Adam’s response of the same word when I asked him whether we were staying at his place or mine on the first night of being off tour.

“That’s right, neither.” He replied and I was wondering if we were about to have one of those circular conversations when he started speaking again. “I’ve booked us into a hotel in the city.”

“For our first night home from tour, a tour where we spent every night in a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast or other such place, you booked us into another hotel?” I wasn’t angry at him, I wasn’t even upset, but I was surprised.

“Not just any hotel babe.” Adam replied.

I wont tell you which hotel Adam selected, unless they want to send me a large check, but it was one of those owned by the mob whose name starts with “H”. I’d never been there but that didn’t mean I didn’t know anything about it, it might not have been the most expensive hotel in town but it was definitely up there, even for the cheapest rooms.

“That place is $500 a night!” I said, the words coming out a little more defensive than I intended.

“It would be rude of me to tell you what I paid for it, but it’s worth it. After all those nights we spent in those motels and hotels on the road I thought it would be fitting to top it all off with a night completely over the top.”

“Are you sure?” I asked not quite believing what he’d done.

“Sure enough that there is a limo waiting for my call to pick us up and deliver us to the front door.” Adam said with a smile.

“But I haven’t got anything packed.” It was a bit of a flimsy excuse but I was still in a bit of shock, shock which Adam managed to ease a little bit by assuring me that the limousine driver was capable of taking a detour via our houses if we needed something.

I might have been surprised and somewhat shocked by Adam’s end of tour gift for us but that was nothing compared to the surprise I got when we walked into the hotel room. No driving, no parking, easy check in, no carrying of bags and a room so plush and warmly inviting that I knew going home in the morning was not going to be easy.

Because we were Chicagoans and therefore not in the city for the sight seeing that meant we there only needed to be one thing on our minds as we entered that room, relaxing! And that’s exactly what we started doing.

Almost as soon as the door closed leaving only the two of us in the room my boots, not the CFM’s I’ve been told I wear on stage, more a casual boot that is comfortable and stylish, hit the floor. No more than a few seconds later I was laying on my back on the plush bed doing my impression of a snow angel. I couldn’t remember ever laying on a bed so soft and comfortable, I really looked forward to sleeping on it.

Of course Adam had a different idea, his idea of relaxing wasn’t making snow angels in the bed covers it involved getting me naked.

I still had every intention of relaxing in the whirlpool bath at least once before the evening was over but I must say I enjoyed Adam’s method of relaxation and it made relaxing in the bath even more enjoyable when it came time to soak in some hot, sudsy water. That was until Adam tried to join me in the bath, after that things just got really awkward.

I did protest about him joining me in the bath, well a little bit, however he insisted and I pulled him in on top of me anyway. What followed was an awkward but fun time, even knowing we had to clean up the wet floor.

In the end we didn’t leave the room for more than twelve hours and I have to applaud Adam for his choice because it really was the best wind down from a long tour that I could have imagined.

When we climbed from the limousine out the front of the Magnhild warehouse just after lunch there was no doubting that our most successful tour to date was over and it was back to Christie Swann for me. I was still the lead singer of the band Magnhild but with no gigs lined up and several months until our next tour I was looking forward to just being Christie.

The End

Will Christie and Adam return for The Southern Seas Nordic Invasion?

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