Ride Hard: A Sign Writing Request

Maybe it was a little bit too romantic, lovey, or even girlie, to have such a sentiment written on my new hog but I didn’t care Jack had put such a great effort into my birthday present I wanted the world to know how much I appreciated it..him.

As I am sure I have established more than a few times already Jack wasn’t your average Hell’s Angel, didn’t run a local chapter of Sons Of Anarchy, he didn’t even have a motorbike gang. He might have sold bikes to such people over the years but he was a business man, a gentleman and an out and out good guy. So if he had refused my request for the lovey dovey girl friend message on the back of the bike he’d given me for my birthday it wouldn’t have been on the grounds of the image it portrayed.

“Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?” Jack said in response to my request to make the Dianne Loves Jack script larger and more visible.

“I’m not embarrassed to admit it!” I said with a smile.

It was at that moment I realized Jack had set me up for the next comment.

“I’m not talking about you being embarrassed!”

I heard the rumbles of low laughter around us as Cindy, Mark and Adrian listened to the two of us talk.

I lightly punched Jack in the left arm, more of a friendly love tap really, and said. “Careful Mr. Embarrassment or I’ll have them add a picture of the two of us kissing as well! I know Adrian can do it!”

Adrian was nodding but he was still smirking as well.

“To that I only have one thing to say.” Jack said.

“Oh yes, and what is that?” I asked with a hint of sarcasm.

“Let’s give him something to get inspiration by!” With that Jack pulled me closer to him and planted his lips on mine.

An hour later Jack and I were sitting in a corner booth in a dimly lit restaurant, we could look out over the lake which was lit only by the three quarter moon in the cloudless sky but my attention was on Jack not the scenery. We had ordered, a bottle of wine had been delivered to the table and we were quietly talking.

“I still think the bike is way too much of a gift for you to be giving me.” I said to him trying not to sound ungrateful.

If you remember the way I tied myself up in emotional circles when I bought Jack the watch and necklace you’ll understand where I was coming from. I was nervous about getting the right gift but I was also concious of the amount I spent in case it started some sort of precedence of us spending too much money on presents we didn’t actually need. In the end Jack was fine with it, he was still wearing the watch everywhere, except in the workshop, and we both still had the necklaces around our necks. Then Jack had offered to take me away to the cabin in the mountains for my birthday and I honestly thought that was enough, but then he surprised me with a bike that was probably worth more than my car.

“Well lucky for you I decided what gift I was giving and not you!” Jack said with a smile.

“I thought we had already settled on the trip to the mountains as my birthday present.”

“Well, I already own the cabin so it’s not like I’m paying for that.”

“It was still more than enough.”

“But the bike is more fun.”

“And it’s a collectable item you’ve been looking at for ages. I know what it’s worth Jack, it’s way to much.” I was not trying to sound ungrateful or unappreciative but I felt I needed to make my point. I guess in my mind I thought I was sort of giving Jack the chance to back out.

“You are right it is a collectable, of sorts, and it does have a value. Everything does. But the value of your smile and the value of seeing you ride and appreciate something I gave you far outweighs any monetary value attributed to the bike.”

I have to admit there was just a wee bit of heart fluttering and a shortness of breath as those words floated across the table and reached my ears. What a charming bloke this beau of mine was. As I’m pretty sure my words have suggested I wasn’t dead set on returning the present, I was really just giving him options and letting him know such a gift was not needed but my thoughts changed quite a bit with that lovely statement.

“I promise I’ll look after it.” Was all I could manage to say after such sweet words.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less.”

Half way through dinner I suddenly realized I had no where at home to park the bike, my garage was not big enough for the bike and my car and I didn’t want either of them out in the elements all the time.

“That’s not a big problem.” Jack said. “Park it at the workshop.”

“That’s okay while it’s getting the paint job done but I can’t leave it there all the time.”

“Sure you can, it’s not like I don’t store other bikes there.” He’s right he did store bikes there for some of his staff.

I was going to protest with something like me not being able to get into the workshop and get the bike if I wanted to go for a ride, but before I spoke I decided there had been too much protesting it as time to stop listening to my brain and start listening to Jack. Besides when was I going to want to ride my bike without Jack being beside me?

So I got a motorcycle for my birthday!


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