Ride Hard: An Afternoon Of…

“What are we going to do this afternoon?” I asked Jack over lunch back at the cabin.

After our walk up to the warm stream, our swim and or walk back down I wasn’t overly hungry, but I knew I had to eat something to replace all that energy I had used. Lunch wasn’t that exciting either it was only sandwiches and probably part of the reason I didn’t really feel that hungry, but like I said, I needed them.

“I told you before we left.” Strangely enough I thought I knew exactly what was coming out of Jack’s mouth next. “We are going to have naked and sweaty sex all around the cabin.”

“That’s not what you told me before.” I said figuring I was going to throw a technicality on him if he kept insisting.

“No! You are right, I decided to make it a little more descriptive and entertaining to make it more appealing to you!”

“Oh is that what you are doing.” I said, “Well you do have such a way with words, I’m sure they are going to be hard to resist.”

Jack stopped eating and looked at me with a surprised look on his face. Seeing his response I tilted my head to the right and winked at him, then ran my tongue across my top lip in what I hoped was a seductive manner. It felt kind of silly and I nearly laughed as I did it but it had the desired effect with Jack.

“Are you serious?” Jack asked, I could hear eagerness in his voice. “Is it really working?”

That time I did laugh, I couldn’t help it Jack looked and sounded like a kid getting let out of school early.

“You fool!” I said when my laughter settled. “Of course it’s not working, you have to wait half an hour after eating before you can have sex!”

Jack looked at me, the look of surprise had gone from his face and the eagerness had gone from his voice as he realized that I wasn’t about to get my gear off and let him have his way on the table we were eating on.

“We’ve been though this conversation before,” he said. “I say it’s swimming you have to wait half an hour for and you say “we should wait half an hour after swimming before we have sex?” and I sit here getting frustrated with your ability to roll conversations into the silly and crazy without any effort. Can we just cut out the middle bit?”

“You want to just get straight down to the sex on the table?” I asked.

“Stop it!”

“But I thought you wanted to start it!”

Jack slid his plate to his left, bent over until his head was resting on the table then slowly started to knock his forehead on the wooden table top. I knew it was an act and he wasn’t doing it very hard so I wasn’t worried for his sanity however I probably shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did.

So Jack didn’t get his wish immediately after lunch but he did get it after we’d had coffee and done the dishes. I wasn’t actually planning to give in so easy, I was actually planning on making him earn it by giving me something else to do during the day but he rubbed himself up against me, deliberately I might add, after he finished washing the dishes and I was still drying them and something inside me just switched on.

I dropped the towel I was using to dry with on top of the wet dishes, turned around and said. “What do you think your doing?” Jack just looked at me blankly. “Oh I think I know exactly what I you doing!”

Sure enough he did too because I was stripping my clothes off quicker than his mind was working.

With my pants on the floor I sat myself on the table and pulled a surprised Jack towards me. I was so lady like I stunned myself!

“Kiss me now!” I said, then dropped my hands to his pants, undid the button and pushed them downwards.

I grabbed Jack’s hardening cock and rubbed it back and forth as we kissed, there was no slow, sweet seduction it was hard, desperate passion and I was dragging Jack along for the ride. It was a ride he was obviously happy to get aboard because I was only stroking him for several moments before he was as hard as a rock.

“Fuck me.” I moaned breaking the kiss and guiding his cock where I wanted it.

I moaned into Jack’s mouth as he slid inside me. I moaned into his mouth again as he slid out of me. I wrapped my arms around his waist, gripped his butt and with every inward thrust I pulled his hips towards me.

“Oh shit! Harder!” I moaned into his mouth. “Harder. Fuck me now!”

Between the moans and the groans and the orders to fuck me harder it was probably one of my most vocal sex romps. The problem was I knew it was going to be quickly over because the build up, although I didn’t realize it at the time, had been going on for too long.

Jack’s thrusts got harder, my hands moved up and I wrapped my arms around his neck, he was as excited as I was! The table started to move under Jack’s thrusts, the noise of the wooden legs skidding on the wooden floor became a sound track to our love making.

I don’t mind hard sex but what Jack and I were doing was harder and faster than we’d run before however we were both so desperate and it felt so good. When his lips moved to my neck I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and I told him so, but it appeared I didn’t need to because he was coming into the same station as I was and we were about to arrive together.

Together we both let out a loud groan and a few seconds after that we were both still.

Sweaty, worn out, panting and spent when I felt Jack pull his hips backwards I lifted my legs up, wrapped them around his waist and pulled him into me. “You’re not going anywhere!”

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