Ride Hard: Jack The Boy Scout

I really wanted to sit on the table in Jack’s cabin with my legs wrapped around his waist holding him inside me all afternoon, but I had dishes to do! I’m only kidding, I know how that sounds and that’s why I said it that way, however there was no demands on me to do anything, but I admit I had been tardy with my part of the dishes.

“So what have you got planned for the afternoon?” I asked Jack a little while later as I stepped around the cabin.

Jack was busying himself with bringing in firewood from the outside stockpile and stacking it neatly beside the fire place. Feeling how the day had warmed since we left the cabin earlier in the morning I wondered if we were going to need the fireplace that evening but we were in the woods and Jack knew the place better than I did so if he was preparing wood for warmth I wasn’t going to argue. I offered him a hand bringing the wood inside, it seemed very neatly cut and the pieces were not overly large so I figured even little old me could at least help with a few pieces, but of course Jack said no and that he had it all under control.

Maybe my question was a subconscious effort to give him a break from the wood carting, maybe it wasn’t but the afternoon was still quite young and I was mildly interested in trying to find something to do.

“You mean we aren’t going to have crazy, wild, monkey sex all afternoon?” Jack said with a smile.

“Crazy, wild, monkey sex?” I asked, then before he answered, added. “Things just get stranger with you the longer the day goes on. Is there something you’re not telling me?”

“No, I’m telling you everything.”

“Oh, so you are calling me a monkey?” I walked between the table in the center of the room and the sofa, headed straight to where Jack was standing next to the fireplace.

“Not at all, I was saying we could act like monkeys.”

I stepped up to Jack, put my hands on his shoulders and kissed him on the lips, not a hard, not passionate, just a peck, smack bang on the lips. I then pulled away and said. “That’s a little better but you’re still not completely out of the hole you dug for yourself, mister!”

Jack grabbed me on the ass, wrapping his right arm around my butt and pulling me toward him before I pulled too far away. “Maybe you’d like to join me in the hole? We could get up to all sorts of stuff in our own hole!”

Putting both hands back on Jack’s shoulders I gently l pushed away from him and shook my head. “Sometimes I really wonder about you Jack!”

“Only sometimes? Maybe I’m not trying hard enough!” Jack replied.

I realise the joking around bit wasn’t a new thing with Jack, we’d shared some of the best jokes and silly situations I’d had in my life and our sense of humor was always so well aligned, but the Jack I was seeing in the cabin since we arrived in the woods was a completely different person. I wasn’t at all offended or annoyed with the jokes, they were simply verbal expressions of silliness, but they were at a different level to that of when we were at home. If what I was seeing was a more relaxed, away from the office, nothing to stress about Jack, then I have to say I was loving it and I was definitely going to have to suggest we take more time off in the future.

Since it didn’t look like I was going to get a straight answer about our afternoon I decided to change the subject. What would happen, would happen, and to be honest I wouldn’t really have cared if we did spend the afternoon just lazing around the cabin together doing nothing or next to nothing.

“Are we going to need that wood tonight or are you just being a good boy scout?” I asked.

“Dyb, Dyb, Dyb, Dob, Dob, Dob.” Jack replied.

His response was what I believed boy scouts said to their leader at some point during their meetings. I didn’t really have any idea what the meaning behind such words were but Jack, never a boy scout, later told me the dyb, dyb, dyb bit supposedly meant do you best, while the dob, dob, dob was the reply to the dyb, dyb, dyb meaning We’ll do our best. Although I can’t remember why the topic came up again I was happy with Jack’s description and I suppose if nothing else it gives you an interesting bit of trivia.

“So you are not expecting the cold weather to settle in immediately?” I asked remembering that the storm was predicted to come in the following night or during Monday morning.

“Bit hard to tell, the weather can be quite a bit different up here. I think sometimes the weather man just looks out the window of his city office and then he starts pulling weather cards out of a hat to predict the weather up here.” Jack smiled at his little weatherman anecdote, I smiled too and not just for Jack’s benefit. “I don’t think it’s going to be bitterly cold, even if the winds whip up a bit with the storm tomorrow night. But I’d rather be prepared. Around here if there is a slight chill in the air at about 4pm it’s going to be cold and it’s worth lighting the fire.”

“Oh, that’s a very scientific way of predicting the weather.” I said with a grin.

“Yeah, but it kind of works. But hey if it doesn’t we get ourselves a nice crackling wood fire to stare into tonight as we sip wine and snuggle on the sofa.”

It was amazing just how quickly we’d gone from crazy Jack talking about holes and monkey sex to the wonderfully romantic gesture of snuggling in each others arms in front of a crackling wood fire. Honestly I just loved how quickly Jack could go from silly to adorable, and did I tell you I was really loving the way he’d managed to relax?

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