Ride Hard: Soggy Monday, Wet Tuesday

It rained fairly solidly for most of Monday while we were at the cabin and by the time we woke up on Tuesday it was so wet that any hopes of doing things outside were slim. But the good news, weather wise, was that the sun was coming out and the rest of the week looked to be fine.

So we managed to spend two days in the cabin, which kind of felt like we were being hermits. It wasn’t overly cold and the fire was only used at night to take the slight chill out of the air. We did go out a few times during the day and wander around the wooden deck just watching the rain fall but even that got a bit same same after a while.

Jack, the kinky fool, wanted to have sex out in the rain at one point during Monday’s down pour, he claimed that it was not really any different to having sex in the shower and that it would be really romantic. My suggestion to him was that if he wanted to have sex in the rain, sitting, laying, propped up on who knows what, then he could make it a solo effort. So we had sex inside instead, we even did it comfortably on the bed!

We did kind of start in the living room area because that was where Jack pulled me against him and began to kiss me deeply, but before I felt his hands start to wander I broke the kiss and suggested we take it to the bedroom.

In the bedroom we both took care of our own clothes, there was no urgency, no haste and no ripped garments, just two people with the same end goal in mind. Naked, I lay on the bed, the thick comforter taking me and giving me a nice warm cuddle all on its own. Jack lay down beside me stealing some of the comforter’s warmth and replacing it with his own, he then snuggled into my side and brought his lips to mine. The passion that followed was exactly what I had come to expect with Jack, even after his silly comments about outdoor sex.

Hot lingering kisses, tongues dancing and Jack’s fingers roaming ever so slowly over my bare skin. He was becoming very skilled and turning me on without actually touching anywhere too personal. It was like he had found an invisible switch that just turned me on and drove me wild with uncontrollable lust.

As the kiss got deeper Jack’s finger tips gently moved up my legs, then they scooped down my waist, close but not close enough to my crotch. He then circled them slowly upward around my stomach and just a hairs width below my breasts, several times I felt his hand skim my breast and I moaned quietly. He would then circle his fingers back down again changing the path, changing the speed but never changing the light and sometimes electric touch. In effect what he was doing to me was making my entire body an erogenous zone and it was unbelievable.

I really liked the long, slow, drawn out sex sessions, they were more about pleasure, more about love and more about Jack providing me with something that blew my mind.

When Jack finally did dip his fingers into my honey pot I was so wet and so turned on that I really didn’t know how much longer I was going to last. Of course I wanted to last for him, I wanted to last until he climbed on top of me and thrust his pulsating hard cock inside me but after what he had done with his fingers I just wasn’t sure that was possible.

His deliberately slow movements with his fingers pushed me closer to the edge, his lips against mine kissing soft and passionate stop my moans, then when moved his lips to my neck and kissed me just under my right ear I exploded. My body shook, little electric shocks pulsed through my body and every muscle below my waist twitched. At the same time I moaned and tried to hold Jack’s fingers inside me.

A few moments later, without any words between us and with me still catching my breath I gently pulled Jack over the top of me. We didn’t need words, Jack knew exactly what he wanted and laying between my open legs his set about doing it.

Like the efforts he’d put in with his fingers when Jack lay on top of me he thrust himself into me slow and hard. With every inward thrust I felt my body rock and within seconds I was begging Jack to thrust faster. He was barely touching me with any other part of his body and as I looked up at him holding himself up on two arms and thrusting hard I knew I was missing out on something.

I raised my hands and gently hooked them over Jack’s neck then pulled downwards gently.

“Come here!” I whispered through panting breaths.

Once again the hot and heavy kissing masked my moans as Jack thrust away driving me closer to my second orgasm. We fucked hard, fucked fast, fucked gently and we fucked slow. It felt like our love making sessions lasted for hours but honestly that would just be my mind bragging and besides I wasn’t counting the minutes. However let me tell you everything you expect to happen with such a hot and heated moment came to fruition and what resulted was two very happy, very sated people laying together naked on a bed with smiles on their faces.

Oh dear, I think I got a bit side tracked in telling you all about our week away.

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