Ride Hard: Fishing? Me?

On the Thursday of our week away Jack took us fishing, I couldn’t believe it when he told me of his plan, I mean me, a fishing person, seems so unlikely.

He kind of sprung the idea on me over breakfast that morning and must have gotten me while I was weak a weakness brought on by nearly two days of being stuck inside, or at least close to the cabin, because of the wet weather. On Wednesday we needed to get some more supplies so we did get out a little bit but not much after Jack asked me if I would like to walk down to the store. By the road it was about three miles but as the path meandered its way down through the woods it was about four and I guess you could say I was game because I agreed to it.

The walk wasn’t too bad, even the trip back with a few bags of supplies wasn’t too bad and it seemed with the appreciation for storms, the bush walking and even the naked swimming I was getting a little more ‘at one with nature’ so to speak. So when Jack placed two warm pieces of toast and a coffee in front of me at the table that morning and asked me if I wanted to do something that was both exciting and relaxing I couldn’t help myself I just blurted out the word yes before he told me what it was.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate fishing with any sort of passion but I’m just not the sort of girl to sit by the water with a pole in my hand playing with worms and waiting for a fish to commit suicide by jumping up on the shore next to me. Although in saying that I have to admit that I have only been fishing a few times and the lack of actually catching anything could have tainted my view of the sport somewhat. I do however like to eat most fish and someone once told me there is no better tasting fish than one you’ve caught yourself, it was probably someone who had actually caught a fish though!

Apparently fishing had changed a bit since I last went as a teenager and one doesn’t even need their Dad around to put fresh wriggly worms on hooks any more there is these things called lures and they supposedly attract the fish to the hook. As we prepared for the fishing trip I was tricked into going on…okay tricked is a harsh word Jack didn’t trick me he caught me off guard!

As we prepared for the fishing trip I looked through some of the gear Jack pulled out of one of the spare rooms. I was a little amazed to think that there was a fish out there who was going to be silly enough to see a piece of plastic with a hook on it in the water and decide that was lunch, were fish stupid? From my experience as a teenager with Dad I’d have to say they weren’t silly enough to be fooled by our worms on a hook, so maybe they had grown stupid as much of society had!

“So when do we catch fish?” I asked Jack after we’d been sitting by the river for about twenty minutes.

We were about a mile down stream from the warm spring at a fork in the river where one of the larger rivers, I’m not sure of it’s name, joined our little river. Jack said it was a good spot for fish because of that fork but it wasn’t looking good after twenty minutes…and apparently I don’t have any patience

“If it was all about catching fish it would be called ‘catching’ not fishing!” Jack replied emphasizing the word catching and grinning at the same time.

“So you’re saying we are not going to catch anything?”

“I didn’t say that. But if all we did was catch fish and everyone could do it then it wouldn’t be a sport.”

I sat back against Jack, our fishing poles leaning against tree branches stuck in the ground with the line arcing into the water from the tips of the pole. We had some sort of lure or bait with a gooey gel on them that was suppose to attract fish to the end of our lines which meant we didn’t have to throw them out and wind them in like I’d seen on TV, all we had to do was sit and wait.

Apparently relaxing between bringing all those fish in was an expected pastime when one is fishing. I didn’t quite snuggle into Jack’s upper body but I did lean into him and let him put his arm around me. We might not have been catching any fish but I have to say I really did enjoy just sitting by that river edge, the two of us close, the sun, warm, but not hot and almost no breeze, it was beautiful and a great way to spend the morning.

We spent the best part of the morning sitting by that riverside but it wasn’t until after 11am that we finally caught something and it was on my pole. Jack guided me on how to bring it in, apparently you don’t just grab the pole and wind the reel, you have to do something called setting the hook and then you have to keep the pressure on the line, it’s all very technical and fun. Instantly I could see why people go fishing.

Jack did tell me what sort of fish it was but the name kind of disappeared in one ear and out the other because I was too excited by actually seeing a fish on the ground next to where I was standing to take in the technical details.

Although we did put the lines back in the water after my fish was landed Jack mentioned that we had enough for dinner so any fish we caught after that would be released back into the water. I must say after the thrill of actually winding that first fish in the idea of throwing it back seemed silly, but I understood the theory of only taking what one needs and we only needed one fish for ourselves.

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