Sexcation: Day 3 Travelling

I was sitting in the driver’s seat of my car setting the GPS by 9:17am, when I looked at the estimated time for my travel the screen was telling me my journey would take a little bit over three hours and thirty minutes. If all things went well I’d be at my evening destination by about 1pm, not too late to have lunch.

I thought about it for a few moments and decided that I’d do the trip in one leg, stopping only for a bathroom if I needed it, and have a late lunch in the town of Marfa before looking for a room for the night. Although I was assuming that I’d get a room for the night, assuming there was a vacancy of some kind somewhere in town, I was allowing myself enough time to town hop if such an assumption proved wrong.

As I pulled out onto the street the bottles in behind the back seat clattered against each other softly filling the car with the sound of clinking glass. Instantly I was reminded of my meeting with the man at the Val Verde Winery about eighteen hours prior. As I took off North I was laughing quietly to myself remembering the man who came up out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to join his wife and him in a threesome. I must admit that while I enjoyed my evening with Will I did wonder what might have been if I’d have taken up the winery offer.

I followed US-90E as it veered off to the north west and within minutes was presented with a wonderful view across the water as I crossed the bridge near Governor’s Landing. I couldn’t help but think that if the day was already presenting itself so beautifully things could only get better.

My plan of doing the trip to Marfa in one stint didn’t quite happen and by the time I got to Dryden I was looking for the little girls room. Thankfully such a room was easy to find and not long after I stopped I was back on the road again, I even managed to avoid the several coffee shops I saw as I passed through town.

When I arrived in Marfa the first thing I wanted was another bathroom, which wasn’t that difficult to find, the second thing I wanted was something to eat. Cell phone service in the small town was not very good so I couldn’t afford the luxury of sitting down with Google and something to eat while I selected my accommodation for the night. Instead I chose a hotel that looked like it could serve all my needs.

After parking my car I walked back to the hotel I had tentatively selected, the streets were quiet and I was hopeful that I would be able to get a room. However I did remember reading that the town of Marfa was a bit of a tourist attraction, mainly for it’s art, whether that meant I was going to be struggling to get a room I didn’t know, but I would find out.

Sure enough the place I had chosen could serve all my needs under one roof, albeit a large roof. Not only did the place have vacancies they had very plush rooms, quite upmarket from my previous two nights, and they had an eatery. The only downside and it was a very minor one was that the eatery or bar that was there wasn’t open at my time of arrival.

As I signed the paperwork for a room and the clerk did what he needed to do with my credit card he also told me that the bar would be open by the time I was settled into my room. He also told me that I would be free to order anything from the menu, which I would find in my room, and I could ring through the order and I would be notified when it was ready so I could come down and collect it. Talk about great service!

I didn’t take one of the movie star room but I can tell you the room I got was still impressive and the first thing I did was throw myself on the neatly made bed. I was paying a price for the room I was certainly going to test out the bed! Like everything else I was looking at the bed was a lot more than I expected and like the towels in the bathroom the blanket on the end of the bed was plush and warm.

From there I tested out the TV, looked outside, checked over the amenities and then went looking for the menu from the eatery the check in clerk had told me about.

Within a few minutes I had chosen my lunch and was ringing through to have it prepared. From the other end of the phone I was told that my lunch would be ready in ten minutes and I was welcome to come in and enjoy a pre lunch drink if I wanted to. The staff were so polite in the hotel that I could nearly see myself spending the entire vacation in the lovely place, but of course that would ruin my plans so it was only a thought.

I didn’t need to change before heading for lunch but I did anyway. I didn’t change in to anything to fancy, just jeans and a plaid shirt but I felt more comfortable so that was all that mattered.

When I stepped into the bar I was greeted by the man to whom I spoke with on the phone, he escorted me to the bar and offered me the seat next to the only other person in the place. Why he thought I needed that exact seat I wasn’t sure, but I sat down anyway. Then the man I was sitting next to turned around.


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