A Tanka For You

A Tanka for you
A poem of your very own
Written about you
I wonder what it could be
I wonder how it will form

Maybe just like this
With words that form syllables
Five, seven, five, seven, seven
That is the sequence I need
Now to show my love through words

A love that wont die
A love that will never age
A love forever
A love you cannot deny
It’s love between you and I

You can take my love
You can take my breath away
You can take my lust
You can drive me beyond wild
But you will never loose me

I am yours today
I will be yours tomorrow
I’ll be yours next week
I’ll be yours come Christmas time
I’ll be yours eternally

So there’s your Tankas
My Japanese poems of love
For no one but you
For you to keep forever
My one and only true love


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