Sexcation: Day 3 Afternoon

When the man I was sitting next to turned around I have to admit I did one of those silly double take moves. You know the ones where you glance at something or someone once, then turn but as soon as you turn your brain tells you there is something you’ve missed and immediately need to look at again? That’s what I did. When I was younger it was the kind of move I’d have been embarrassed being caught doing but I’d out grown that stage, it wasn’t my preferred way to meet someone but I didn’t get red faced about it either.

The man sitting beside me had black hair that fell to his shoulders, green, almost iridescence eyes, sun darkened skin, a bright and wide smile and pearly white teeth that almost gleamed. He was so clean shaven that if he’d told me he’d just shaved I would have believed him. His rounded jaw line was almost the polar opposite to Will’s strong lines but with not even the hint of stubble they were just as well defined. He wore a short sleeve T-shirt, Kelvin Cline I believe, a pair of faded denim jeans and cowboy boots that didn’t quite suit him. He wasn’t exactly my type, but neither was day one or two!

“Good afternoon ma’am. The name’s Clay!” The man said, if he’d had a hat on I would have fully expected him to tip as he spoke.

“Good afternoon Clay, my name’s Pattie, what brings you here today?” I replied.

“Passing through town on my way home and I needed some liquid refreshment. What about you Pattie?”

Rather than give Clay the exact tour report I told him I was enjoying a tour of the state while taking some much needed time off. When asked about my work I told Clay what I did I was just vague about the location. He them told me he was heading home, he was an on-road sales representative for a national company, that I wont disclose, and he was based in Fort Stockton but spent most of his week on the road.

“So I’m interrupting your work?”

“A man’s gotta eat.” Clay replied, then added. “Besides it’s a perk of working for a national company, I’m too far away so they they don’t keep tabs on me as long as the job gets done and the money keeps coming in.”

By the time I’d finished lunch I’d given Clay every ‘come hither’ look I could think of but it wasn’t until I was finished my drink, a margarita, that I actually thought one of those looks was beginning to work. It was still early in the afternoon, maybe too early to be looking for an evening date, but one didn’t want to let things slip by when they arrived.

By three o’clock I was headed back to my room hand in hand with Clay and five minutes after we left the bar we were inside my room sitting on the end of the bed kissing.

Clay might have said yes to invitation but sitting on the bed kissing he was nothing short of a gentleman. We must have kissed for nearly five minutes before I first felt his hand touch me and even then it only touched my leg, just near my knee. When I didn’t feel his hand moving up my leg by itself I decided to take matters into my own hands, well hand.

While our tongues gently danced in my mouth, Clay was a great kisser even if he was a little slow with the moves, I placed my hand over his and pulled it upwards. With my hand guiding him I pushed up under my shirt and put Clay’s hand on my right breast. At first it almost seemed like he needed even more guidance but then after a few seconds of just holding my boob he started to move his hand.

Things were definitely moving slower than I was used to, than I wanted them too, so once again I took the lead. Breaking the kiss I moved away just far enough to slip my shirt off over my head, Clay’s hand remained on my breast while I did so. Then when I unhooked my bra I was wondering if maybe I was going to have to remove his hand just like I did when I put it there but he seemed realize what was happening when the lacy fabric dropped around his hand.

Clay hadn’t made any moves to remove his shirt but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I put my hand on his chest, gently pushed him backwards then leaned over him and began kissing him again. Before his tongue made it’s way into my mouth again my hand was moving down his shirt. As our kiss got deeper my hand went further.

I stopped at Clay’s belt buckle, my lips had moved to his neck and I was kissing and nibbling under his left ear just as I liked done to me. I undid Clay’s belt buckle with one hand, opened his pants and slipped my hand down until I was able to grip his rigid tool.

As I stroked Clay’s hard dick and nibble on his ear lobe I heard him moan quietly, encouraging me on and telling me I was doing something right. I rubbed him, using my hand to excite him whilst longing for him to do the same for me. I moved my hips and opened my legs, hoping he’d take the hint. Instead of giving me a good time he gave me the one surprise I didn’t expect.

The exact moment I heard him let out a loud breath and a moan I also felt a warm liquid dribbling down my fingers. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was disappointed, however I was even more disappointed when Clay pulled away from me, stood up and disappeared into the bathroom. But neither of those feelings matched the feeling I had a few minutes later when Clay came out of the bathroom, headed straight for the door and walked out of my room.


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