Sexcation: Day 3 Evening p2

Clint Eastwood, I mean Joe, may well have looked a bit rough around the edges but he was every bit the gentleman. As I previously said we didn’t waste any time getting down to what it was we were there for, but Joe also wasn’t the sort for a quick wham, bam, thank you ma’am either.

Once the door was shut he took my right hand and without being too imposing he walked me to the bed. Had there been a sofa I’m sure he’d have chosen that, but alas there was limited options for where the two of us could sit together. I sat down on the end of the bed first, Joe followed me quickly and almost instantly we started to kiss.

The kiss started out a little mellow, lacking in passion, almost like it was a requirement that we had to surpass just to get to the next stage. I think my mind was still floating around my afternoon liaison with Clay and therefore a bit reluctant to make the first move. Joe seemed to be in the same position but I was unsure why, maybe it was just that he didn’t do such things often.

I placed my right hand on Joe’s right leg, just above the knee, and gently closed my fingers around his leg, the denim of his jeans unmistakable under my fingers. I slowly began to move my hand upward along his leg and it was like I had opened the gates and invited Joe in for the main event.

As my hand edged every so slowly up his leg Joe immediately started to kiss me like he meant it. His lips began to move less like a nervous teenager and more like a lover, then his tongue started to push into my mouth. I welcomed his tongue as it moved in my mouth by letting my own dance with it.

When my hand reached his crotch he flinched slightly, almost as if I had taken him by surprise. I tightened my grip, gently, cupping his balls through his jeans, at the same time the passion level in his kiss increased twofold.

I longed to feel Joe’s hands touch me, anywhere, but even with his balls gently cupped in my hand he wasn’t giving me what I wanted so I decided to change the pace of how things were going.

“Excuse me for just a second Joe,” I said after breaking our kiss and pulling my hand away. “I need to go to the bathroom.” I immediately stood up and started walking to the bathroom door, then as a last thought as put my hand on the door handle I turned and added in a quiet and I hoped seductive tone. “Don’t go anywhere, Ill be right back.

I finished what I needed to and sat on the toilet thinking, I couldn’t help but have thoughts related to my earlier liaison with Clay, thoughts which had me wondering if Joe might have been taking his chance and heading out the door.Thankfully though I was able to replace that thought quickly with thoughts of what my next move would be. Should I go out and lay myself on the bed inviting Joe to lay with me? Should I strip down to my underwear and stand at the open door seductively asking Joe if he saw anything he liked? Or should I just go back and sit where I was hoping we’d resume what we’d started? I didn’t know, but I also didn’t have to because before I’d solved those thoughts things changed for me.

Without warning the bathroom door opened and a naked Joe walked in the door. I guess such a sight would freak some people out, and it probably should have freaked me out a little bit but for some reason it didn’t. Now I know I have mentioned before that this trip was all about no reservations but I guess there was still some of them floating around and because I didn’t know exactly what his plan was I met him half way across the bathroom floor.

Seconds later Joe had me sitting beside the small wash basin, and he was sliding his hard dick past my moistening lips. As he began thrusting inside me he pushed his lips to my neck and began kissing me under the left ear. The harder he fucked me the more sensitive my neck became, Joe seemed to sense that and his nibbles became just a little bit sharper, not painful but definitely sharp enough to send little shock waves down my neck.

We came together with my arms wrapped around Joe’s neck, my legs wrapped around his waist, his lips on my neck and my gasping pants for breath in his ear.

Some say the second time, if it in fact happens, is never as long as the first, some might even say it’s not as good as the first but I can tell you now that’s definitely not a category all men should be dumped in. I say that because several minutes later we were in the shower and Joe had me pressed up against the wall, hands under my backside and driving himself into me for a second time.

It might not have lasted as long the second time around but it was still just as enjoyable and when my feet finally did touch the floor of the shower again I was glad the wall at my back was still there to support me.


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  1. In situations as this, expectations can turn a good evening into a bad one. Mr. Clint could have ruined the night by walking in uninvited. Pattie could have over reacted and shut down sexually. It went well this time for the both of them. Pattie can hold her own in a sea of strange men.

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