Sexcation: Day 5 Morning cont.

“He likes to watch!” Faith had told me after I asked when Tim was going join us in our warm embrace.

I guess I was somewhat surprised by the answer however with what had led us to that point I probably shouldn’t have been.

Faith’s fingers gently stroked up and down my wet lips, flicking over over my excited clitoris then skimming slowly down and teasing my entrance. I wanted her to enter me, I wanted her long fingers inside me, I wanted her to make me explode, but her mouth was pressed so hard to mine making any requests was beyond me. But I didn’t need them because almost as if she read my mind two fingers slipped past my entrance, she didn’t go deep but the feeling was still amazing.

“Lay down.” I heard Faith whisper as she broke the kiss.

When I felt Faith’s hand slide out of my panties I hastily slipped out of my blouse and unhooked my bra, I then did as she asked and stepped sideways towards the bed not taking my eyes from her face. I sat down on the edge of the bed, eyes still on Faith, shuffled back a few inches then lay backwards.

Almost instantly Faith gripped my knickers and pulled them off my hips and along my legs, I was totally naked in front of a woman for the first time and I was turned on like never before. I was anxious for what was going to come next, and I was eager to please but apparently Faith was going first.

Her tongue expertly moved up and down my wet lips just like her fingers had. She continuously flicked her tongue over my clit, sucked it gently into her mouth and nibbled on it, she ran her tongue up and down my wet lips and teased my entrance. How long it lasted for I don’t know but I do know it was such a good feeling that every muscle in my body seemed to relax at the same time.

I lay on the bed and without lifting or turning my head I watched as Faith, not saying a word stood up and began to undress herself. She was obviously as excited as I was given the haste in which her clothes were removed.

As soon as she was naked she climbed over me, our naked bodies touching for the first time. Whether you believe in the often spoken theory that only a woman knows another woman’s body or not the one definitely thing I can tell you is that having another naked woman lay on top of you, kissing, caressing and rubbing you is completely different to having a man do the same thing.

I wrapped my legs around Faith’s back and moved my hips against hers as we kissed, again it was different to having a man in the same grip and I wasn’t complaining.

We moved in several different positions each one led by Faith as she became more and more aroused, if she’d given me time to think no doubt I would have been second guessing my action all the way but there was no time. We kissed each other on the neck and lips, we nibbled each other, our hands explored each others bodies.

When Faith moved to change positions again, this time scissoring our legs, I wasn’t sure what she was doing. I would later find out, thanks to the Urban Dictionary, that it was called tribbing and it was fucking amazing! Although maybe that’s just a virgin tribber talking, maybe next time wont be as much of a turn on and wont make my knees shudder…maybe!

We moved our hips with a fever I’ve rarely felt, our moans filled the room as our vulvas and clits rubbed together. The bed bounced under us as we thrust and rubbed against each other and I knew I wasn’t fair from letting go. Every few seconds I felt Faith’s fingers between our hot, wet lips and I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

In a matter of seconds, at a time I would usually stop to gather my breath, we’d changed positions again. This time Faith was on top of me, her hot wet pussy in my face and mine in hers. I was out of breath but that didn’t stop me as I experienced my first 69 with another female.

Obviously the heat and the sensuality of the moment drove me on and instead of searching for breath having just reached a soul shaking orgasm I licked, nibbled and sucked my way around Faith’s pussy just like she was doing to mine.

The second trip to orgasmville didn’t take as long as the first time and but it was just as enjoyable and I must say that because it was my first time with another female it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had.

It wasn’t until Faith climbed off me, I was still panting and catching my breath, that I looked up and realized exactly what she’d meant by her earlier statement. In the throes of sensual bliss I’d completely forgotten about Tim, but he hadn’t forgotten about us, quite the opposite he’d been doing exactly as Faith had said.

“He likes to watch!”

He was sitting in the chair, one of the chairs for the table not the sofa, pants around his ankles and a dribbling dick in his hand. Even from the bed I could tell it was one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen, losing his erection it was still bigger than any man I’d ever had.

So as I sit here reminiscing about how good last night was I am also wondering what last night could have been. Don’t get me wrong my first girl on girl experience was something I wouldn’t swap for the world but it would also have been good to ride that wonderfully huge cock I saw poking out of Tim’s right hand.

Still, there is no point living in the past, today is another day, Tim and Faith left me early in the morning because they were hitting the road at 6am and needed time to themselves before leaving and I’m plotting my trip for night five.


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