Resurrected from the ashes

It was once a steaming boudoir of adult fiction, short and extended. But the mansion was set alight.

It started from a single spark and quickly became an inferno. Flickering flames burnt everything they touched what didn’t burn in the heat smoldered into ash.

Flames reached desperately for the clouds as the night sky was lit by a bright orange glow.

In a heat not able to match the heat radiated from the pages themselves Rex’s mansion was burnt down and ignore, not reasons given, no punishment for those responsible.

But of course a desperate wordsmith wont be silenced. We’ve rebuilt the mansion, and we will rebuild the crowds who gather for their daily words.

Resurrected from the ashes of a previously burned Rexine these are the thoughts and stories the censors didn’t kill.

We will be edited but never censored!


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