CopyCat Cafe: Calling for help?

Continues from here. I honestly could not believe Simon’s message. How did he know Tom was leaving my house? Was he just lucky enough to be driving past as Tom was leaving? Was he out the front watching? Even if he was watching out the front how did he know I had company? Did he... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: A Stand In?

Continues from here. “What the f…” I said before being interrupted. Tracey stood before me in my own cafe’s kitchen, Sonya was on her left and a man by the name of Tom stood on her right. During our evening of too much to drink Sonya and her girl friend Tracey had decided I needed... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Oh What A Night

Continues from here. I felt a bit weird lobbing in on Sonya and her partner Tracy’s dinner, it was after all suppose to be a dinner between the two of them to help work through the issues they had but Sonya assured me that it would be fine. “It’s because of you I can do... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: A dinner invite

Continues from here. “So how are things with you and Simon?” Sonya asked trying to divert the conversation as soon as we sat down. We were sitting in the kitchen on stools against the bench for no other reason than that was where were when the coffee was ready. “Nice try kiddo but we are... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Talk To Dr. Kat

Continues from here. When I woke up the following morning I remembered I had to reply to Simon’s message. I hadn’t given much thought to the reply I wanted to give him but I knew I owed him something. I looked at the clock, 5:53am, too early to send a message, even if he was... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: p21 Another Chance?

Continued from here. I sat at the back of the cafe for ages just staring at nothing and thinking. Thoughts of Simon, thoughts of work and thoughts of Sonya. The thoughts of Simon always came back to the same thing, he was not willing to accept just how hard his situation was on me. Sure... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: A Few Home Truths

Continues from here. “Simon, I feel like a broken record.” I started to say as we sat at the back off the cafe drinking coffee and having the chat I, for some reason, requested we have. “What do you mean?” I’m sure he knew what I was talking about but was probably searching for time... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Sonya Ask Kat

Continues from here. So I did actually to manage a little sleep that night. Thoughts of Simon jangled through my head each time I closed my eyes, they were the pleasant thoughts, the thoughts of sex, the thoughts of pleasure, the thoughts I hoped would put me to sleep, and they may well have eventually... Continue Reading →

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