CopyCat Cafe: Sonya Insists

Continues from here. “You’re early,” I called to Sonya from the opposite side of the road as we both crossed paths heading to work. “Fuckin’ dog next door has been barking since 5am. Trace left at 6:30, was hardly worth hanging around the house doing nothing.” Sonya replied as she crossed the road and met... Continue Reading →


CopyCat Cafe: That’s What’s In The Box

Continues from here. I don’t think I need to remind you where I left off after our last sit down do I? Oh okay well here’s a quick recap. Simon sent me a parcel, so far in that parcel I’d found a sexy black and red underwear and bra set, the panties of which were... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: What’s In A Box

Continues from here. “Fuck me!” I muttered upon seeing the sender’s name but my mutter must have been louder than I thought because Tom asked me if I was alright. There was no way Tom hadn’t seen the senders name on the box as he carried it to the back of the house and placed... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Oh No Not Again!

Continues from here. When I woke the following morning there was two fingers gently caressing my clitoris and tracing a path down my lips. It was weird, not the gentle finger movements, that was nice, no the weird bit was that the instant before I woke up and became conscious I was actually dreaming there... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Dinner With The Kids

Continues from here. Despite the cheeky comments from Sonya about being seen out with her grand parents her and Tracey were more than happy to drop whatever plans they might have had so that Tom could buy them dinner. We didn’t go over the top fancy for dinner, instead choosing the Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Home Alone

Continues from here. I made a promise to myself after Tom left that I wouldn’t let my personal life interfere with work again, well at least not that day! Although to be fair I didn’t see Tom coming in for coffee as interfering, he wasn’t the stressful part of my life. I wasn’t the kind... Continue Reading →

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