Four Seasons – Rhyming Haikus

A warm Summer’s night You and me in the moonlight Everything is right A cool night of Fall Away from the urban sprawl Your love can heal all Falling Winter snow Together in our chateau Me and my dear beau The calm nights of Spring I accept your wedding ring As one we do cling... Continue Reading →


Sexcation: Day 2 Afternoon

I couldn’t book myself into the motel down the road from the bar Kirstie had mentioned. I wasn’t sure if that was a good or a bad sign, however it only took me ten minutes of Googling before I found something just as good and still within walking distance of the bar if I wanted... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 2

I woke up on the morning of day two at four minutes after 8am, according to the clock on the little shelf beside the bed. As much as I would like to have woken up next to someone that wasn’t going to happen after Sam did a runner on me while I was in the... Continue Reading →

In The Car

You just concentrate on driving Don’t worry about what I’m reviving Just keep your eyes upon the road And get us to our zip code Eyes forward as my hand roams Into your pants before we get home Fill your thoughts full of hope As I go in and start to grope Up and down... Continue Reading →

A New Story Is Coming

With the completion of Ride Hard now starts another story. The usual adult content warnings do come with this story, however I feel it also prudent to offer one other warning. This story idea came from one word, a made up word mentioned to be by a friend a long time ago. Whether she made... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Bear All

Continues from here. Do you have one of those gifts that you received from someone special that just takes pride of place against everything else? Up until that evening of bowling I didn’t but before we got home that night I knew I did. It started out as a cute little bear that Jack finally... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Wrap Up

Christie and Adam thank you for joining them on their adventures. It’s been a long ride around half the country and Christie had a ball bringing you all the fun times both on stage and off stage. She enjoyed sharing her life with you as the band played gig after gig and her relationship with... Continue Reading →

1 to 10 and back

Hot Red hot One only touch Between my legs Feel your fingertips Moving down my sweet lips Stroke me, stroke me, drive me wild Fingers rub my excited clit Stroke me, stroke me, slide your fingers down Further down, oh so good, tease my entrance Slide them in, nice and slow and oh so deep... Continue Reading →

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