Sexcation: Day 7 Afternoon

Honestly I’m not sure if it was because there was more information about Spearman in general or if I was really interested in windmills but whatever the reason was I chose the short drive to Spearman for my seventh day. Looking back at things it’s hard to believe I had only been on vacation, sexcation,... Continue Reading →


Your Love

Penetrate me with your love I want to feel you inside me I’ll wrap around you like a glove Fucking, me to ecstasy Hold me close I want to feel you twitch Inside me the deeper you thrust Fuck me hard and satisfy the itch Fuck me long and build the lust Penetration deep, feel... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 6 Evening cont.

I wasn’t counting second minutes or hours as I lay sprawled across the sofa being attended to by my new Amarillo friends. Jimmy the larger of the two, in case you’d forgotten, was kneeling on the floor between my open legs thrusting his rock hard member inside me, not as delicately as I might have... Continue Reading →

A Triple Verse For You

Around the wrists, make it tight Tie me up I’m yours tonight On this here bed I’ll lay with legs a-spread Awaiting pleasure At your leisure I want your touch You can have my lust I’m yours to take Come an’ make me quake Get between my thighs I want my prize Don’t want no... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 6 Evening cont.

I guess Tex and Jimmy weren’t too worried about a threesome because it took very little to convince them back to my humble little cottage once the offer was out there. Like I said I’ve never had two guys at once and from what I have read, (which admittedly isn’t that much), men talk big... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 6 Evening

Haha I just re-read that last entry where I said I went to the Buddy Holly Center so that I had something to tell my Dad about when I got home from the trip. Imagine coming home from a month holiday at which point you go and visit your elderly parents, who also do a... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 6 Morning

I woke up on day six and still didn’t have any regrets. As I lay in bed thinking about the previous night, before writing the details down in my sexcation journey diary, it definitely wasn’t regret I was thinking about and why would it be? See the thing is I might have spent the evening... Continue Reading →

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