Sexcation: Day 30: A stop in Alice

When I left Brownsville I had considered the option of driving straight home, it was only about four hours to San Antonio after all. But I hadn’t done any four hours days in a while and I still had a few days of vacation afforded to me so I decided to make an easy day... Continue Reading →


A Romantic Double Tanka

Naked on my bed Alive. Aroused. Amorous I want you so much Tempt me. Tease me. Seduce me. Take me. Kiss me. Ravish me Lose me in your lust Use me as your lust desires Let me be your toy Let me be your wildest dream Let me be your fantasy

Sexcation: Day 29

Brownsville was about as far south as I could get while still remaining in Texas, it also pretty much finished my four compass points of the state of Texas. Okay I hadn’t thought about that until now but I had pretty much gone as far as I could in all four directions while still remaining... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 28 – Evening

My request to do what comes natural once I’d got Glenn to the point where he was beyond excited by my touch was not ignored. I stood up and removed my skirt and knickers, at the same time Glenn pushed his pants down his legs and towards the floor. He was about to stand up... Continue Reading →

A Poem Of Dreams

I love to be lying close to you Dream of what we can do I love to watch you as you sleep You’re in the dreams I wish to keep I love to listen to you breathe Being close makes my breath heave I love to hear your sleepy murmur Ignites my emotions like a... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 26 – Freeport

So I remember saying once or twice that this sexcation was all about trying different things, doing different things and experiencing things I might not do at home. Well, as you’ve seen that has happened a few times and night twenty six in Freeport was no different. I know I said last time I was... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 25: Blackie

Since leaving home I had always planned to stop in Houston for the night, for no other reason than it was a big town and I kind of knew my way around having been there for work conferences a few times. I didn’t have any preconceived ideas about the place but in such a big... Continue Reading →

Seen On A T-shirt

Seen on a T-shirt in the 80’s...still looking to purchased Touch Me Slap Me Rub Me Tease Me Kiss Me Lick Me Bite Me Suck Me Taste Me Spank Me Finger Me Fuck Me Like the dirty bitch I am Cum on my tits Tell me you love me Then get the fuck out!

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