Ride Hard: A Sign Writing Request

Maybe it was a little bit too romantic, lovey, or even girlie, to have such a sentiment written on my new hog but I didn’t care Jack had put such a great effort into my birthday present I wanted the world to know how much I appreciated it..him. As I am sure I have established... Continue Reading →



Sleep I feel you beside me Breath I hear you beside me Heat Your body beside me Desire Just being beside you Love Just laying beside you Lust So close beside you Nearer Come together as one Closer We are as one Unite Two bodies are one Now No reason to part Tomorrow We shall... Continue Reading →

On The Beach

Under a warm sun and cloudless skies You promised you’d take me to new highs New highs I couldn’t wait to reach That’s why we ended up at the beach No one around, we were alone Secluded, silent, I should have known Should have known what would come next Two hot bodies, so in love,... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Making Good On The Bet

Continues from here. The trip to Kansas City was uneventful and slow and not a forest in sight. Sarah and I spent quite a bit of time chatting, not just about the thing we had planned for that night about her business, her parents, my parents, Adam, Dean, our tour of New Zealand and general... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Too Busy For Sex?

Continues from here. “It will have to wait I’m too busy cooking dinner to have sex right now!” is what Jack said when I greeted him in his own kitchen and told him I had thought about what he could get me for my birthday. I suppose some of you might say I asked for... Continue Reading →

Belated St Patrick’s Day

“Kiss me I’m Irish You’ll find none more stylish. It’s the day of St. Patrick Let me show you my magic” Those are the words, that I had heard Words oh so straight, they weren’t being slurred They weren’t being spoken with any brawn They were being spoken by a leprechaun He was a wee... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: On The Sofa

Continues from here. Jack and I kissed on the sofa, it was a rather pleasant interlude to a silly discussion about birthday presents. I knew that most of the silliness was on my behalf, my brain was the one that kept throwing up obstacles like price, size and reciprocating gifts, Jack appeared to have none... Continue Reading →

Waking In The Morning

Beside me in my bed Your aroma inside my head Your scent, it fills the room With you there is no gloom 🛌 Waking up with you right there I just can’t help but stare Long to feel you deep inside me Thankful for what you provide me 🤗 There is a warmth that you... Continue Reading →

In The Shower

Unbuttoned blouse slipped off the shoulders See you watching, your lust smolders Unzipped skirt, sliding slowly downward Your lustful eyes tell me I’m adored. Waiting patiently you know just what’s in store The second my lacy underwear hits the floor. Naked and sensual I can feel the power Move aside so I can get in the... Continue Reading →

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