Ride Hard: Jack Comes For Dinner

Continues from here. When I rang Jack to return his call from earlier in the morning one of the girls in the office answered, although I’d had a brief introduction too most of his staff I barely remembered their names and couldn’t pick them on the phone so I just asked for Jack. “Who can... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: The Morning After

Continues from here. When I woke up at 5:07am I couldn’t believe it not only did I remember the dream I had woken from there was a tingling between my legs that I hadn’t felt upon waking since I was sixteen and had that dream about Mickey Danse the captain of the school’s football team.... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: At Dianne’s house

Continues from here. To say I was nearly floored when Jack politely refused my offer to come inside for a nightcap was an understatement. I’d practiced how I was going to ask him in for so long the idea of him saying no hadn’t entered my mind. So what was his excuse? Was he really... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Dinner with Jack

Continues from here. As much as I would have thrown away my lazy afternoon at the drop of a hat if Jack had invited me…well anywhere, I was quite happy to not have to get dressed up and go out. I hadn’t had an overly busy week by some peoples standards and it was busy... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Jack Takes Dianne to Dinner

Continues from here. After picking up my dinner which consisted of Chicken Franesca and an appertizer of fried Calamari I headed straight home. There was no candle lit dinner, no table cloth, nothing fancy, just me, my dinner and my computer. I began with the obvious and most memorable name ‘Harley Davidson Fatboy’, the first... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Jack gives Dianne a Tour

Continues from here. I was walking around the showroom of RichCraft Custom Cycles, Jack was being a great tour guide showing me the bikes they’d created, telling me about the work they’d put into each one and talking up his workers and their ability as if they were masters of their craft, and they probably... Continue Reading →

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