Ride Hard: Morning Call

Continues from here. I actually spent a full day without seeing Jack, if I was a paranoid sort of person I’d have started thinking the worst, I mean he’s resistant about spending the night, then as soon as he does we don’t see each other. Who wouldn’t be paranoid, it’s the sort of thing movies... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Dianne Goes Home

Continues from here. I rocked up to Mom and Dad’s just after 5pm, I hadn’t gone home first, there was no need Mom and Dad definitely weren’t the formal type. When I pulled into the driveway I saw Dad coming out of the garage, since he retired it’s like his outdoor living space, he waved... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Working for the man!

Continues from here. “Geez look at the smile on your face, that can only mean one thing!” Dammit, Bill was worse than my father. My father, actually both my parents, and I have always had a fairly open and honest relationship. Sure there was some little secrets but the majority of our lives were open... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Good Morning Sunshine

Continues from here. I did eventually drop off to sleep and it was a peaceful and restful sleep even if it did only last three hours before Jack shuffled in his sleep. Thinking that I was probably making him uncomfortable I made a move to roll away but his arm, which had fallen to the... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Bedroom Invite

Continues from here. After inviting Jack to my bedroom, having had him politely knock back a similar offer the previous night after such a lovely date night, I was extremely hesitant to ask him again but the words kind of just fell out. I must have been feeling too relaxed or something because for the... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Jack Comes For Dinner

Continues from here. When I rang Jack to return his call from earlier in the morning one of the girls in the office answered, although I’d had a brief introduction too most of his staff I barely remembered their names and couldn’t pick them on the phone so I just asked for Jack. “Who can... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: The Morning After

Continues from here. When I woke up at 5:07am I couldn’t believe it not only did I remember the dream I had woken from there was a tingling between my legs that I hadn’t felt upon waking since I was sixteen and had that dream about Mickey Danse the captain of the school’s football team.... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: At Dianne’s house

Continues from here. To say I was nearly floored when Jack politely refused my offer to come inside for a nightcap was an understatement. I’d practiced how I was going to ask him in for so long the idea of him saying no hadn’t entered my mind. So what was his excuse? Was he really... Continue Reading →

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