Ride Hard: A Difficult Question

Continues from here. “So what do you want for your birthday?” Jack asked me. My birthday was still four weeks away so I was a little bit surprised to hear him mention it. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about the whole thing with birthdays and the act of gift giving, because... Continue Reading →


Ride Hard: Mundane Morning.

Continues from here. Well it’s sad news but Jack and I had to break that delicious snog. Delicious? Is that a word I can really use for a kiss with my boy friend? Oh well I used it because to me it’s the truth. Like I said it was the kind of kiss that had... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Ending A Good Night

Continues from here. Having just had a wonderful evening with Mom and Dad at the restaurant, topped off by a lovely evening walk and talk we were all in good spirits, none more so than Jack. We hadn’t even reversed onto the road after seeing Mom and Dad safely inside the house before Jack was... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Double Date P3

Continues from here. We topped off a lovely evening of dinner at the restaurant with a lovely walk along the river. The moon was close to full, there was a gentle breeze but it wasn’t cold and hardly rippled the water and the dark sky was cloudless. The only real downside of the walk was... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Double Date P2

Continues from here. When I got in the Escalade that was sitting in my driveway with the engine running I felt kind of special. I don’t know why the Mustang is a much more impressive vehicle so I guess it had to do with the person driving it rather than the badge on the front.... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Double Date?

Continues from here. True to form Jack was able to get us a booking for four at the new fancy restaurant with very little notice. Mom and Dad were fairly easy to fit in and Jack and I were spending so much time together that it wasn’t like I had to change my schedule, but... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Chatting With Mom

Continues from here. Two weeks after giving Jack his watch and pendant, neither of which he’d taken off, I was talking to my parents on the phone. It was another one of those three way conversations where I was on one end and Mom was controlling the conversation telling me I shouldn’t be calling on... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Back At Work

Continues from here. “Damn we have to stop waking up like that!” I said as I collapsed on to Jack’s bare chest sweaty and breathing fast. “Like what?” Jack said innocently, panting like I was. “With you rocking my world and leaving me sweaty and breathless to start the day.” “I guess I could stay... Continue Reading →

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