Ride Hard: Time Off For Good Behavior

Continues from here. I know that the reason I was suddenly, after 30 years of not thinking about them, into riding motorbikes had everything to do with Jack. It started as a way to get to know him, I read up and learned about them so I could hold a conversations with him. After the... Continue Reading →


Ride Hard: Another Hard Day At Work

Continues from here. “Was that you we saw on the bike yesterday?” Bill said to me after greeting me in the office the following morning. “Depends where it was you saw us.” I replied. I hadn’t seen Bill anywhere in our travels but that didn’t mean much, he could have been any where. “Out on... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Again?

Continues from here. There was two reason Jack and I moved from the seat of the Harley we’d just had mind boggling sex on, firstly it was not the most comfortable spot to be and secondly I needed to visit the ladies room. Despite Jack being polite and helping me off the bike when I... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Playing With Bill Again

Continues from here. Is it surprising to anyone that when we returned to the RichCraft workshop just before 10:30pm that Jack told me opening the workshop to get my car out was too much effort and that I could take the Mustang home again? Probably not. Strangely enough opening the workshop to get his bike... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Returning The Mustang

Continues from here. With the Mustang parked behind my Chevy I went looking for Jack. Walking through the workshop despite the late hour, there was still two guys working on bikes. Sludge (real name Peter) I knew to say hello to having been introduced to him on one of my previous visits, the other guy... Continue Reading →

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