Ride Hard: Going For A Ride

Continues from here. “You want to ride along side me?” I asked Jack after he’d offered me the blue Harley Softail that was sitting next to his bike. “I’d be honored to ride beside you is what I actually said.” Jack replied. I guess I was flattered and not just because of the nice words,... Continue Reading →


Ride Hard: Oh My, A Suprise

Continues from here. I know when Jack asked me to come via the workshop after work and my response was simply “Why?” it didn’t seem like I was too excited to be receiving the invite, but honestly I was just surprised. Not surprised by the invite, surprised because it was offered. It turned out Jack... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: A Mistaken Call

Continues from here. The following day when Bill turned up to work at 9:15am, with coffee again, I wasn’t at all annoyed by his late arrival, especially not when I found out the coffee was infused with caramel. Before Bill had arrived I had put in a call to Cindy regarding Jack’s cabin and when... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Organizing A Vacation

Continues from here. “I was only joking Di, honestly.” Bill said awkwardly as he followed me down the small hallway to my desk. “I’m sorry. Of course I remember the conversation. Of course you can have the week off work!” I was sitting down at my desk before Bill had finished his apology. “Oh so... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: A World Of Comedians

Continues from here. “So, this little cabin of yours, do I need to take anything?” I asked Jack the following morning over breakfast. I know we’d had a bit of a discussion about the cabin the previous night and that Jack had assured me things would be sorted but I am a female and there... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Oops Did I Say That

Continues from here No I’m not pregnant, sorry to leave you hanging on that spot but I couldn’t resist. The comment I made to Jack about letting him take me and our children up to the mountain cabin owned by his company was just a comment. I really didn’t even mean it as a joke,... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Dinner Conversation

Continues from here. So before dinner, even before we’d finished our first glass of wine, Jack claimed he had my birthday present sorted. I’d given him the two parallel choices of beach or mountains, the two of us and nothing to interrupt us and when I suggested the mountains might have been my preference he... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Too Busy For Sex?

Continues from here. “It will have to wait I’m too busy cooking dinner to have sex right now!” is what Jack said when I greeted him in his own kitchen and told him I had thought about what he could get me for my birthday. I suppose some of you might say I asked for... Continue Reading →

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