Ride Hard: Up Your Game Mister!

Continues from here. ““I better up my game then.” he replied placing his glass on the table and leaning in for a kiss.” Is where I left off last time and damn did Jack lift his game. If there was another guy he was trying to beat I honestly don’t think I could have handled... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Grease Is The Word

Continues from here. Jack’s spare room wasn’t an option, it was so full of stuff that I was wondering if the same man, the man who was so neat and tidy in everything he did actually lived in the house. I don’t suppose it was messy, just full, but it did mean he’d lied to... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Meet The Parents

Continues from here. You wouldn’t read about it! There I was parked in Jack’s driveway, Jack was in the passenger seat and we were about to leave his place and head to my parents place for dinner so they could meet Jack for the very first time and my car refused to start. Was my... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: An Invite Home

Continues from here. Although I don’t have a problem with making, or taking, the odd personal call at work I waited until Bill left for a 10am appointment before I called my parents to invite Jack and myself for dinner over the weekend. I wasn’t actually nervous about going to dinner with Jack but that... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Good Morning Dear!

Continues from here. We fell asleep naked and with just the sheet covering us. I’m not sure how many times Jack woke during the night but I didn’t wake at all, however when I did wake I was laying on my back and not in Jack’s arm. There was a reason for Jack not being... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: At Home Again

Continues from here. Jack kicked his pants off leaving them on the living room floor and we walked hand in hand towards the bedroom, he didn’t need to be led there but I think he wanted to be. Once in the bedroom I quickly, maybe even too quickly, stripped down to only my underwear and... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Meet My New Boyfriend

Continues from here. When I rang Jack to come and meet us, my friend Katie and I, at Murphy’s Irish Bar I figured he’d drop whatever he was doing and come down, he was that keen to meet Katie. What I didn’t expect was for the waitress to appear with another round of drinks as... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Good Morning Beautiful

Continues from here. I didn’t even bother plucking something out of the wardrobe to cover myself, I flew out of bed and out of the bedroom wearing the Garfield singlet and panties I’d put on after getting out of the shower. In my haste I also didn’t consider that the panties I was wearing were... Continue Reading →

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