Ride Hard: As Good To Give As To Receive

Continues from here. I’d just given Jack the watch I’d bought him as a gift for teaching me to ride a a motorbike and the Harley Davidson necklace with the pendant that split in two pieces like the Mom and Daughter hearts most people would recognize in jewelry shops. He was extremely thankful for the... Continue Reading →


Ride Hard: Do You Like It?

Continues from here. “I’ve never seen anything like it!” Jack said. While I wasn’t sure what Jack’s reaction would be I have to say that was one I wouldn’t have expected. I’d not long before his comment given Jack a men’s dress watch as a thank you gift for the lessons he’d been giving me... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Nerves Aplenty

Continues from here. Why was I so nervous? Was it the atmosphere I had set? I doubted it. Why was I sitting on the couch next to Jack too busy thinking about my own actions rather than what he was talking about? Why couldn’t I just do what I wanted to do with out thinking... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Waking Up Alone

Continues from here. When I finally did nod off I had a reasonably good sleep, it probably wasn’t enough but it was reasonable none the less. The strange thing about my sleep was that I actually remembered my dream when I woke up at 6:34am. It’s not that I never remember my dreams I do... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Home On The Phone

Continues from here. “Good evening darling” Awe he called me darling! “Good evening yourself Mr. Charming." He didn't need to identify himself. "How’s your evening?” “Yeah it’s been ok, would have been better if I was there,” “I can’t disagree with that!” I said into my cell phone as I sat in front of the... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Another Hard Day At Work

Continues from here. “Was that you we saw on the bike yesterday?” Bill said to me after greeting me in the office the following morning. “Depends where it was you saw us.” I replied. I hadn’t seen Bill anywhere in our travels but that didn’t mean much, he could have been any where. “Out on... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Again?

Continues from here. There was two reason Jack and I moved from the seat of the Harley we’d just had mind boggling sex on, firstly it was not the most comfortable spot to be and secondly I needed to visit the ladies room. Despite Jack being polite and helping me off the bike when I... Continue Reading →

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