Rock Hard: What Does Christie Want?

Continues from here I must say I was in shock, I couldn’t believe what Sarah had just asked me or the bet she was proposing. In case you missed it Sarah is my bestie and Dean’s girl friend, she was with us for the weekend and we were on the tour bus heading for Tulsa.... Continue Reading →


Rock Hard: BFF’s & Their Ideas

Continues from here. “Hey you still owe me for our last bet sunshine!” I said to Adam across the table at breakfast the following morning. “Owe you? The way I remember it you lost the bet and then when it came time to pay out you cheated.” “I cheated? I think I did what was... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Another Tour?

Continues from here. There we were sitting in Dean’s room, remember I burst through the door in the hope of surprising him only to find it was me who was surprised when I realized his girl friend and my bestie, Sarah, was laying in the bed with him? That’s right you remember it, Bob had... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Getting Good News

Continues from here. We were in Dean’s room in Oklahoma City and we’d just found out that Sarah, his girlfriend and my bestie, had arrived from home to visit Dean (and me obviously) for a few days. It was great news I hadn’t seen Sarah for weeks, Dean hadn’t either but this wasn’t about him... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: BFF’s

Continues from here. I know Bob said he had big news that he wanted to share with Adam, Dean and I all at the same time but in all honesty it probably didn’t warrant my reaction. I pushed Bob up against the side of the bus, held him around the neck and screamed at him... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Good News Coming

Continues from here. When I woke up the following morning my legs were stiff, it didn’t take me long to remember why and just thinking about it brought a smile to my face and happy thoughts to my mind. I rolled over on my side and looked at the clock on the bedside table, the... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: One Bad Gig

Continues from here. Unfortunately it happens from time to time and it happens to every band, they have a bad gig. Some times it’s the audience that doesn’t get into it, this can happen a bit when a new album comes out and the fans haven’t had a chance to really listen to it but... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: One Track Mind

Continues from here. Bill’s phone rang five times before we were even out of Dallas, caller ID told him exactly who it was but it wasn’t until the fifth call that he decided to answer it in the hope they’d stop ringing. Of course the caller was the motel owner who was pissed off with... Continue Reading →

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