Rock Hard: The Aftermath

Continues from here. “What’s up Dean? What’s wrong? What aren’t you telling the rest of them?” I asked when Dean sat down next to me on the bus after breaking the news that one of our tour trucks had been involved in an accident. “As I just told everyone three out of six are in... Continue Reading →


Rock Hard: The Accident

Continues from here. “I think you owe me.” I said quietly to Adam as we lay together naked in bed, “I paid out on the bet you cheated on. You need to join us on stage tomorrow in Dallas as a show of respect!” “Respect? But baby I do respect you, I respect you a... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Paying My Dues

Continues from here. I just used sex as leverage to get Adam to shut up. Damn! That’s not me, I don’t mind joking around with sex comments at times but I’m not the person that says things like that to end conversations. I guess the topic of me singing Adam’s words to one of our... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: And The Winner Is

Continues from here. I didn’t need to think about Adam’s wager, I was Mighty confident that I was going to win the bet and his wager wasn’t going to be an issue so I agreed instantly. “You’re on buddy!” I said as I held my hand out to shake his and seal the bet. Grabbing... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Adam’s Little Wager

Continues from here. As I relaxed in our Houston motel before soundcheck I couldn’t help but wonder what Adam’s wager was going to be on our bet. I was fairly certain it wasn’t going to be something sexual, given these bets started long before we were a couple and I think we had an unspoken... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Sharing Rooms

Continues from here. It’s amazing how the body and mind reacts to things and overcomes things. We’d spent five weeks on the road with our days consisting of something like waking between 9am and 11am, breakfast or whatever meal people want to call it, on the bus or truck for anything up to six hours,... Continue Reading →

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