Rock Hard: Time For A Meeting

Continues from here. “Have you finally forgiven the guy or do you need to be put in solitary?” Dean said to me as he walked into the room and saw Adam sitting on the bed. I still didn’t know if it was a case of forgiving or forgetting but I didn’t really want to answer... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Be My Slave

Continues from here. After our morning quickie and conversation I rolled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I swear I could feel Adam’s eyes on my butt as I padded my way across the room towards the bathroom door and I didn’t mind at all. Inside the bathroom I opened the... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Not Enough Sleep

Continues from here. I wasn’t kidding when I told Adam I wanted to sleep, and although I heard him tell me he loved me and encouraged him to spoon me, sleep was exactly what we did. Well I did and I assumed that because I woke up at 7:45am and his arm was still around... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: I’ll Do Anything

Continues from here. I didn’t ignore the knock at the door for too long. Because I’d already pranked Adam and was only mildly successful given the way he came back at me so quick I figured I needed to end the game before he managed to prank me again. I honestly didn’t think he’d walk... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Why Jason?

Continues from here. So there I was standing face to face with Jason, backstage at our New Orleans gig, the support act was on stage and although it was loud we were sheltered from the majority of the sound which was going into the venue for the punters. I was waiting for Jason to give... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Adam’s Chance

Continues from here. As I boarded the bus with Dean I didn’t know whether to be upset with Adam, upset with the crew with whom he was travelling, or myself because I’d fluffed around the issue for so long without trying to resolve it. I couldn’t really be that annoyed with the crew none of... Continue Reading →

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