Rock Hard: Christie Steps In

Continues from here. “You didn’t need to punch him in the face!” I called to Dean and I stepped up behind him. Last time we were on tour and came through Tallahassee we stayed at this same motel and a fight broke out in the car park due to roadies not being able to hold... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Fleeing in tears

Continues from here. I stormed from the public toilets straight out the venue door, I didn’t care that security were standing at the door trying to stop people get in, I barged straight past them swung the door back on it’s hinges and marched out the door. The waiting crowd outside wasn’t huge but there... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Trouble In Paradise

Continues from here. Given that our belongings were in separate rooms we had to split up before getting on the bus. Although our relationship was getting harder to keep secret from the band and crew neither of us were ready to flaunt it in front of them. I knew that Dean knew something was going... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Morning Glory

Continues from here. I woke up earlier than usual the following morning like a catapult firing. My usual waking time on the road was between 8 and 9am, especially on the days where we had to hit the road, but this time I woke up at 6:15am, with a smile on my face. I rolled... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Playing Games

Continues from here. Just like ever other night the band put in 110%, no qualms about it. Without the fans we wouldn’t be there and not giving them our all just means we are short changing them, we were all tired but the band always came first. For me the gig was a lot better... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: A Kiss And A Promise

Continues from here. When Adam finally got his affirmative answer the rest of the bus had settled down and while they obviously hadn’t forgotten the text messages they had stopped talking about it. I don’t know if Adam had his phone temporarily on silent by the time I agreed to dinner because the boys had... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Text Message Ping Pong

Continues from here. I’d like to say I slept soundlessly after Adam left the room, but firstly I couldn’t get to sleep thinking of him and his sensual touch, then when I did finally relax enough to drop off to sleep my dreams were so littered with him that I woke up feeling more tired... Continue Reading →

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