Rock Hard: Want Some Help?

Continues from here. “Hey Babe!” I said radiantlyas I stood up to greet Adam as he came towards the table. I reached out and grabbed his hand then leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. I wasn’t going in for a full on pash just a peck on the cheek to greet him. “Hey... Continue Reading →


Rock Hard: Plausible Deniability?

Continues from here. We were in the ladies room and Sarah was being coy about what it was she did that ensured I won the bet against Adam. Don’t get me wrong I was happy to win the bet, even happier given the way Adam and Dean had conspired against me to win the previous... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Working Out The Details

Continues from here. “So what the hell is this bet going to be?” I asked Sarah as lunch time got nearer and I was still wondering why I hadn’t heard her come up with anything. If you remember we were on the tour bus headed towards Tulsa. Sarah, my bestie and Dean’s girl friend, was... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Prying Brother

Continues from here. We were on the band bus to Tulsa and Sarah, Dean’s girl friend and my bestie, and I were discussing my next bet with Adam. Her suggestion had been that when I win the bet I drag Adam up on stage while I’m introducing the band and ask him to marry me.... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Another Tour?

Continues from here. There we were sitting in Dean’s room, remember I burst through the door in the hope of surprising him only to find it was me who was surprised when I realized his girl friend and my bestie, Sarah, was laying in the bed with him? That’s right you remember it, Bob had... Continue Reading →

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