Rock Hard: Inconvenience Fee

Continues from here. Waking up in the morning still dressed as Hella was not something I did often, not only did it feel weird waking up wearing tight leather pants and vest but as most women will know going to bed with make up still on is not the best idea. Made up as Hella... Continue Reading →


Rock Hard: Going Off Like A Frog In A Sock

Continues from here. Let me introduce the band, no not Magnhild, you already know that’s Dean, my brother, on drums, Benji on bass and Mark on guitars, I mean let me introduce Battlement to you since we were sitting in the band room discussing the later gig and which song they would sing on stage... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Back To Work

Continues from here. Over breakfast the following morning I spoke to Bob about the chances of us getting into the venue early to set up and check the gear that had been involved in the accident but I needn’t have bothered because he’d already done it. Sometimes things do just fall into place when you... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: One Track Mind

Continues from here. Talk about a one track mind, despite Adam’s pain easing by 9:30pm when we settled down back in the motel after dinner he was still trying to get his leg over for a bit of dancing. “C’mon Chris, we have a night off, would be a pity to waste it!” he said... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Leaving Hospital

Continues from here. So my wonderful, caring and thoughtful boyfriend, the guy who I spent several hours worrying about after our band truck had an accident on the way the Dallas, decided it was a good idea to lead me on with fake news about the scans he’d been having. Looking back on the conversation... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: The Aftermath

Continues from here. “What’s up Dean? What’s wrong? What aren’t you telling the rest of them?” I asked when Dean sat down next to me on the bus after breaking the news that one of our tour trucks had been involved in an accident. “As I just told everyone three out of six are in... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: The Accident

Continues from here. “I think you owe me.” I said quietly to Adam as we lay together naked in bed, “I paid out on the bet you cheated on. You need to join us on stage tomorrow in Dallas as a show of respect!” “Respect? But baby I do respect you, I respect you a... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Paying My Dues

Continues from here. I just used sex as leverage to get Adam to shut up. Damn! That’s not me, I don’t mind joking around with sex comments at times but I’m not the person that says things like that to end conversations. I guess the topic of me singing Adam’s words to one of our... Continue Reading →

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