Rock Hard: Cleveland Rocks

So we’d been woken up early, earlier than we’d hoped, by and over excited Dean who claimed that ‘everyone’ had made the decision we were leaving early. Obviously the word everyone was used very loosely given that Adam and I did get a chance to partake in any voting about when we’d leave, but apparently... Continue Reading →


Rock Hard: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

I never did prove whether Adam’s offer for a romp in the sack was one he could live up to because once I came out of the bathroom after removing my stage make up I was nearly dead on my feet and I just collapsed on the bed. I did lay awake for a few... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: One Track Mind

So Adam was a little late to the venue for set up. I wasn’t with him and therefore didn’t hear any of the cocky comments from the peanut gallery and to Adam’s credit he didn’t share them with me. To be fair I don’t really care what people say, insults and abuse are one thing... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Rhythmic Motions

I guess we’ve all been in one of those weirdly uncomfortable positions where we agree to have sex and then suddenly we realise that things could be a whole lot better. That was what happened in our room in Philly. As much as our game of foreplay was a little silly it was still a... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Sexy Talk

So how’s that for form? We spend half the day on the bus travelling to get to our next gig and then because we are a little bit early and have some time until his majesty needs to be at the venue he puts the hard word on me and asks me if I want... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Wacken?

“We are going where?” A loud voice came from the back of the bus. Bob didn’t have a chance to get any information, to us, or the rest of the band and crew before he was having to answer to loud mouths again. “Europe, Fly, would you like me to spell it for you?” Bob... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Bob Has More News

I have to say Bob, our manager for those who have forgotten, really knew how to draw things out, it seemed like he’d been promising us another titbit of news for ages yet he still hadn’t delivered it. I suppose in his defence we had been discussing our tour of New Zealand, Australia and Japan,... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Tour News

“Good too see a few nights off between gigs, but how come there is so many days off between, umm.” I looked at the small map in front of Adam and I. “Adelaide and…Perth? I asked Bob as we sat at the cafe table finishing our breakfast and looking over our New Zealand and Australian... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Bob’s News

I know I’ve mentioned before how relaxed some of our mornings were, there was even the odd mention of a day off or two among our tour but I honestly have to stay this tour has been a tough one. We hadn’t at the time seen a schedule for the up coming New Zealand, Australia,... Continue Reading →

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