Sexcation: Day 21 – Going To Athens For A Hamburger

Because I was getting closer to home as the days went and I didn’t really want to back track just to fill out my thirty days of vacation time I decided to head north west for day twenty one. It had been a while since I’d been through Athens Texas and since that time they... Continue Reading →


A Love Tanka

Soft lips pressed to mine A warm kiss so passionate I can taste your lust Your tongue, your lips, taste so sweet I can feel your love so deep

Sexcation: Day 20

Day twenty and two thirds of my sexcation had passed. I’d met some wonderful people, some strange people and some downright weird people but above and beyond all I’d had a a really good time. I wasn’t upset, ashamed or overly annoyed by anything that had happened and for some of those evenings that were... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 19 – Dallas

I’d like to say Dallas was full of kink, full of love and full of sex but I guess that is why we have our dreams and fantasies isn’t it. Actually just looking at the sentence above and I can tell you it’s not something I would have thought I’d see myself write less than... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Evening 18

When I stood up from my knees Ryder kissed me immediately, his tongue gently pushing its way past my lips, past my teeth and dancing with mine as he pulled me closer to him. I still had his warm seed stuck to my left cheek and his shrinking cock was in my hand, but none... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 17 Texarkana

For day seventeen I decided to skate down to Texarkana, for no other reason than it was a short trip on good roads and still in Texas. I could easily have gone over the border but something in my mind told me before I started out on this sexcation that I should stay in Texas... Continue Reading →

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