Continues from here. So of course I was going in early for the fifth day in a row, there was no way I was going to miss out on the chance to ‘make it the best week at work ever,’ as my mysterious elevator stranger had promised before leaving my office on day four. The... Continue Reading →


Continues from here. With my elevator stranger not saying anything upon his departure the previous morning I wondered if that meant he was not going to meet me for a fourth day straight. Considering I could easily find work to do which would justify my early start if he did leave me disappointed I decided... Continue Reading →


Continues from here Okay I know what you’re thinking, such a fun game can’t happen three days in a row in a city office block without someone busting us…yes I’m sure that’s why you're thinking. 🙂 But it did. I still hadn’t seen the face of my elevator stranger, we’d both deliberately avoided facial contact... Continue Reading →


Continues from here Having spent the first few hours of my previous work day sitting at my desk slightly foggy and thinking about the wonderful fingering I’d received from my elevator stranger there was no way I wasn’t going to turn up to work early the next morning. Riding both escalators up to the second... Continue Reading →

A Night At The Rockbox

I don’t really know why I let him talk me into it but I suppose it’s just one of those things that you do when you’re dating, especially when you think the guy you’re dating has the potential to be Mr. Right and not just Mr. Right-Now. What am I talking about? Let him take... Continue Reading →


At first I didn’t realize it happened, I thought it was just an innocent collision of bodies on a escalator as I was headed towards my office so I ignored it, but apparently I shouldn’t have. I work on the seventeenth floor of a thirty floor office building in the city. It’s kind of a... Continue Reading →

Shopping Trip

We walked into Sears hand in hand, my husband Dean wanted to buy me something sexy for Valentines day and honestly who was I to deny him such a pleasure. We wandered through the Ladies section, there was a smile on his face several times as I stopped to look at dresses. “Lets look at... Continue Reading →

Take Me There

Push your hands through my hair Go on tell me that you care Trace your fingers down my cheek Sensual touch, creates mystique Brush your mouth across my lips Just once more, my heart skips Invisible lines traced down my neck Prove to me you are my lech Don’t back down, give me a kiss... Continue Reading →

Until Midnight

Your kiss is on my lips Your hand is on my hips 😘 There will be no scampering All I want is some pampering Fingernails caress, sensitive skin Drive me wild with your stubbled chin Don’t give me just a ration I want to feel all your passion Hot lips and a sensual kiss Drive... Continue Reading →

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