A different style of poem

Stay With me Ever more Everlasting Tantalize my mind Hold me close, don’t let go Eternally I am yours And you shall forever be mine Romantically we shall always be Together as one, our life is perfect

A Romantic Double Tanka

Naked on my bed Alive. Aroused. Amorous I want you so much Tempt me. Tease me. Seduce me. Take me. Kiss me. Ravish me Lose me in your lust Use me as your lust desires Let me be your toy Let me be your wildest dream Let me be your fantasy

A Poem Of Dreams

I love to be lying close to you Dream of what we can do I love to watch you as you sleep You’re in the dreams I wish to keep I love to listen to you breathe Being close makes my breath heave I love to hear your sleepy murmur Ignites my emotions like a... Continue Reading →

Seen On A T-shirt

Seen on a T-shirt in the 80’s...still looking to purchased Touch Me Slap Me Rub Me Tease Me Kiss Me Lick Me Bite Me Suck Me Taste Me Spank Me Finger Me Fuck Me Like the dirty bitch I am Cum on my tits Tell me you love me Then get the fuck out!

Free Verse

Your breath upon my neck My name upon your lips Your body atop of mine My lust controlling me Your touch driving me wild My heart beating fast Your lips kissing mine My tongue seeking yours Your waist grinding my hips My wet lips hungry for you Your hard cock thrusting fast My depths begging... Continue Reading →

A Love Tanka

Soft lips pressed to mine A warm kiss so passionate I can taste your lust Your tongue, your lips, taste so sweet I can feel your love so deep

Just Get Over Here

If you don’t want me singing a song Then it’s time to get out your schlong If you want to give me a bang Then get it out and give me your wang If you want some slap and tickle Then let me grab your little pickle If you want to feel reborn Come here... Continue Reading →

The Two Of Us

Tangled up in among the sheets We just fucked like athletes Hot and sweaty under the covers You and me, two young lovers The way you bend, the way you flex Makes for some amazing sex Yes it’s true you are so supple And we make the perfect couple No one else could take your... Continue Reading →

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