A Year Of Surprises

Will you be my new years resolution, Love me like there’s no substitution? Will you be my Valentine, Buy me dinner, buy me wine? Will your dress in green and wear a shamrock, And on St Paddy’s day, let me rub your cock? Will you make me hot and make me drool On the day... Continue Reading →


Waking In The Morning

Beside me in my bed Your aroma inside my head Your scent, it fills the room With you there is no gloom 🛌 Waking up with you right there I just can’t help but stare Long to feel you deep inside me Thankful for what you provide me 🤗 There is a warmth that you... Continue Reading →

In The Shower

Unbuttoned blouse slipped off the shoulders See you watching, your lust smolders Unzipped skirt, sliding slowly downward Your lustful eyes tell me I’m adored. Waiting patiently you know just what’s in store The second my lacy underwear hits the floor. Naked and sensual I can feel the power Move aside so I can get in the... Continue Reading →

I Miss You

Hear your voice over the phone Reminds me that I am alone Because the coop you have flown Tour of duty, I can’t bemoan But you’re stuck in a, war zone I miss you clearly I miss you dearly I miss you, so severely I think about the deserts you stroam I think about the... Continue Reading →

A double nonet?

Thoughts Of you In my head Drive me insane Laying by your side Listening to you breathe. Edging closer, feel your warmth Body heat from under the sheet Together with you my only dream Touching, feeling, wanting you more Snuggled up to your warm chest Legs entwined, now you wake Hot, kiss on the lips... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Of Him

In bed at night I dream of you One hot body to make me woo From dreams of you I can’t abstain The dreams of you drive me insane Laying there as my husband snores I dream of getting in your drawers I can’t tell him that I fantasize About the singer with blue eyes... Continue Reading →

A Little Dance

Walk across the bedroom floor Alone at last behind closed door Room is quiet, lights are dim Need to dance, a sudden whim Swaying slowly round the bed Silent music fills my head. Feeling sexy, feeling free Clothes come off in a spree In my step there is a spring No more clothes just g-string... Continue Reading →

The Royal Tour

Your sex, your lust, it is my lure Starting now, our Royal Tour Every room in our small house Come on now, remove my blouse 💞 Take me here right in the kitchen Upon the bench, satisfy my itching Start right here, we've got all night End up in bed, us holding tight 💞 From... Continue Reading →

In Love

Dinner and wine A meal for two Then take me home And blow my mind. Feeling elated Home alone Clothes hit the floor Dancing naked In all my glory Bedroom games Roll on the bed Make me horny Grant my wish Laying close Hot warm bodies Passionate kiss Muscles flex Bodies grind Penetration Pounding sex... Continue Reading →

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