A Love Tanka

Soft lips pressed to mine A warm kiss so passionate I can taste your lust Your tongue, your lips, taste so sweet I can feel your love so deep


Four Seasons – Rhyming Haikus

A warm Summer’s night You and me in the moonlight Everything is right A cool night of Fall Away from the urban sprawl Your love can heal all Falling Winter snow Together in our chateau Me and my dear beau The calm nights of Spring I accept your wedding ring As one we do cling... Continue Reading →

Just Get Over Here

If you don’t want me singing a song Then it’s time to get out your schlong If you want to give me a bang Then get it out and give me your wang If you want some slap and tickle Then let me grab your little pickle If you want to feel reborn Come here... Continue Reading →

The Two Of Us

Tangled up in among the sheets We just fucked like athletes Hot and sweaty under the covers You and me, two young lovers The way you bend, the way you flex Makes for some amazing sex Yes it’s true you are so supple And we make the perfect couple No one else could take your... Continue Reading →

Three In The Bed

Slide in be-side me Now lets make it three I want to feel you close I know you wont oppose I want to feel your body heat Three of us under the sheet I want to know that you are there I am yours, feel free to share A rose between two thorns Emotions raging... Continue Reading →

Over Too Quick

I see your words forming on my screen Some of your chatter is just so obscene I don’t mind it dirty, I don’t mind it rough Reading your words makes me pant and puff Over the mic, I hear your deep voice Sounds so nice, my ears do rejoice When you talk, when you speak... Continue Reading →

Feel My Lust

Long, slow strokes up and down Then move your fingers all around Caress my lips, my sweet lips Every stroke I thrust my hips Concentrate now on my clit Feels so good, I do admit Little circles, I want you to rub Round and round my love nub Up and down you continue to stroke... Continue Reading →

Strange Limericks

From the first night that we dated. You have been quite highly rated. Your look to me quite stunning You, I wont ever be shunning But I‘d love to see you dance naked In the gym you can really flex You’d be surprised by what it effects I watch you as you plunge Onto me... Continue Reading →

Your Love

Penetrate me with your love I want to feel you inside me I’ll wrap around you like a glove Fucking, me to ecstasy Hold me close I want to feel you twitch Inside me the deeper you thrust Fuck me hard and satisfy the itch Fuck me long and build the lust Penetration deep, feel... Continue Reading →

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