Your Love

Penetrate me with your love I want to feel you inside me I’ll wrap around you like a glove Fucking, me to ecstasy Hold me close I want to feel you twitch Inside me the deeper you thrust Fuck me hard and satisfy the itch Fuck me long and build the lust Penetration deep, feel... Continue Reading →


A Triple Verse For You

Around the wrists, make it tight Tie me up I’m yours tonight On this here bed I’ll lay with legs a-spread Awaiting pleasure At your leisure I want your touch You can have my lust I’m yours to take Come an’ make me quake Get between my thighs I want my prize Don’t want no... Continue Reading →

A Little Free Verse

Hot Sweaty Toned And honed Your naked body Laying next to mine Breathless Panting Gasping And rasping Your naked body Laying next to mine Used Expired Sucked And fucked Your naked body Laying next to mine

One Is Never Enough

One is not enough Hard or soft I love them all Bigger the better Unwrap it slowly Anticipation growing What is left to say? Looks good now it’s out Feels wonderful in my hand Heart skipping a beat Bring you to my lips Tasting you is so divine Melt right in my mouth So excited... Continue Reading →

Roll Me Over

Push it in, make me moan Pull it out, make me groan I love to feel your bone I love it when you’re fully grown Thrust it hard, I am all yours Fuck me, now I’m on all fours Keep it up and hear my roars I just love to fuck outdoors Roll me over,... Continue Reading →

A Tanka For You

A Tanka for you A poem of your very own Written about you I wonder what it could be I wonder how it will form Maybe just like this With words that form syllables Five, seven, five, seven, seven That is the sequence I need Now to show my love through words A love that... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Nonet

Bursting with lust, you enter the room Erupting with hormones I am Adrenaline surges through Undying love always Take me now, my stud I am in love Forever Utter Love

For Eternity in haiku

Take me to our bed I want to feel you near me Your body with mine Hold me tightly now Make me feel like a woman Hold me close to you Arms wrapped around me Embraced in the warmest hug Lost in deepest love Snuggled up as one Temperature is rising now Warmer and warmer... Continue Reading →

If Only

Your lips pressed against mine So soft and oh so fine Your kiss, passionate and sweet Temperature rises, feel the heat Erotic thoughts fill my mind Ready for some bump and grind Your tongue probing gently My heart beating intently Erect nipples against your skin Now I know you’re playing to win Hard, stiff shaft... Continue Reading →

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