On The Beach

Under a warm sun and cloudless skies You promised you’d take me to new highs New highs I couldn’t wait to reach That’s why we ended up at the beach No one around, we were alone Secluded, silent, I should have known Should have known what would come next Two hot bodies, so in love,... Continue Reading →


Hot In The Hot Tub

Warm bubbles burst around my neck Against my cheek I feel a little peck Hands on thighs offer a gentle rub Together with you in our hot tub See the steam rising in a mist Waiting here for your sweet kiss Feel the water oh so warm Arousal hits me like a storm Bodies closer... Continue Reading →

And In News Just Breaking

With summer arriving along with it comes some decent evenings, evenings I can happily spend outdoors staring at all the joggers who run down along the shoreline in front of my beach front house. Honestly, I think I can burn more calories watching some of the tightly clad men and women that run past my... Continue Reading →

Another Love Song

Let me feel your red hot love Wrapped around me like a glove Passionate love, we can make Sensuality, no one can fake Thrusting deep Make me weep Rewards you reap Until we sleep Hold me tight, a warm embrace Driving love, pick up our pace Fuck me fast and fuck me slow Fuck me... Continue Reading →

Ooohhh Aaahhh

Your tongue lapping my lips Your hands on both my hips My hand rubbing through your hair Sweet sensation too much to bare Replace your tongue with two fingers Gentle probing, feeling lingers Deep inside, a touch so light Muscles twitch and go so tight Come up here and kiss me quick Horny as hell,... Continue Reading →

Love Me For Eternity

Love Ohhh my Vow my love Ever be mine My eternal love Entranced by your beauty Forever be my partner Obsessed with you I’ll always be Revered we shall always be as one Everything you will always be True love together we are Ever and always yours Romance me always Never leave me I am... Continue Reading →

Sweet Love Song

Your clothes come off, you drive me wild Naked before me, oh so beguiled Thoughts of you swirl through my head Naked now, I’ll fuck you on the bed I love your hips Your sweet, wet lips I love your glitz And your wonderful tits A night in your arms, I’d love to spend Our... Continue Reading →

We Both Know The Truth

When I look into your eyes I can see they tell no lies. It’s only your words that make believe And keep telling me I have to leave Your words keep saying to fuck off Yet to me you turn when you cough I’ll nurse you ‘till your cold is gone Rub your back until... Continue Reading →

Love In Haiku

I’m blinded by you You are everything to me I can’t help myself Not sure what it is In my eyes you do no wrong My heart you do melt Yet you still break me Twist me, manipulate me For your benefit Each day the same thing Humiliation your game A pawn for your fun... Continue Reading →

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