An Expression

An Expression A single kiss Heavenly bliss Tongues dancing Love struck glancing Face to face Lip locked embrace Driven wild Completely beguiled Sexual drive Love will thrive Magnetic attraction Driving passion Fingers roaming Quiet moaning Sensual touches Blood rushes Breathing heavy I am ready Together we huddle So close we cuddle Skin to skin Lustful... Continue Reading →


A Happy Ending

You walked out on me Left me flat and drained Crying like a banshee Empty, dull and pained 🤧 You left without a word Left my heart without a beat Claimed you were not heard But all you did was bleat 💔 Alone I spent my nights Sad, depressed and down Can’t sleep without the... Continue Reading →

Listening To You Breath

I lay there listening to you slowly breathe Laying asleep, a single cover, you are beneath Your eyes are closed and your breaths are deep My night complete listening to you sleep Your body, how I long to touch A simple grip, a hand to clutch Reaching out, a hand to hold A simple wish,... Continue Reading →

A Walk In The Park

Low 90’s, blue sky, not a trace of a cloud and barely a breath of wind, is it any wonder I chose to go for a walk through the park during my lunch break on such a glorious day? It wasn’t like my job was overly taxing, I was like most other office drones working... Continue Reading →


As I sat in the chair naked the buxom blonde dancer stood next to the silver pole asking me what I wanted. I told her to put on a show, make me smile, make me forget everything but her. There was no nod of agreement, no words, just movement. I don’t now her name but... Continue Reading →

Christmas Time

“Where is my present Santa?” I asked. “I’ve got a special present for my number one elf, why don’t you come over here and get it.” “Oooh Santa, are you sure.” “Yes dear, even Mrs. Claus tells me I need to look after the elves.” We were in the store room of the local department... Continue Reading →

Working On Commission

“You know when I said you had to convince me that I was making the right choice? I thought you’d tell me how good the neighborhood is, or about the big backyard, or even that the house has some sort of old world charm. I didn’t think you’d do this!” “Isn’t this charming?” I said... Continue Reading →

In the Library

“Be quiet, this is a library, not your local burger joint!” Old Betsy the Librarian everyone thought inhabited the library said to us as we sat there reading through some notes from an old study guide. It was probably fair enough we were making a little bit of noise laughing at the silly picture someone... Continue Reading →


Continues from here. So of course I was going in early for the fifth day in a row, there was no way I was going to miss out on the chance to ‘make it the best week at work ever,’ as my mysterious elevator stranger had promised before leaving my office on day four. The... Continue Reading →

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