Completed Stories

If you enjoy a bit of reading all in one go here are a list of completed stories on ReduxofRex.
Each of these stories is novel length and until I get really organized and put them all together in one continuous file they are here in their original published format.

Please note: Until I get more organized the pages linked here are in chronological order from most recent to earliest. To start reading from the beginning you’ll need to either click on the link for the first post below each description or scroll down to the bottom from the main link in the story title. Apologies for the lack or organization but I had no idea how these stories would pan out when I started them so long ago.

The Collection.

CopyCat Cafe:

Kat’s love life is almost nonexistent until the day a handsome stranger walks into her cafe, but is he all he seems or is he simply a good waste of time?
Part 1


Rock Hard:

Christie plays guitar in a power metal band with her brother on drums and childhood friend turning the dials on the desk. When Christie realizes that her affection for their childhood friend is more than just friendship can the world of power metal survive the ultimate power couple?
Part 1


Ride Hard: 

It’s a little ditty about Jack And Dianne, two American…you get the picture, It’s not quite a John Cougar Melloncamp song but it is a story about love, lust and passion when two unlikely worlds collide.
Part 1

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