CopyCat Cafe: Two Evening Callers

Continues from here. I’m wasn’t immediately sure why he didn’t ring my cell phone, for a change it was turned on in my hand bag, but when I got home Simon had left three messages on my home answering machine. He obviously knew I was walking home and wouldn’t be there to answer the phone... Continue Reading →


Together Again

Felt a body coming near Heard a whisper in my ear Movement under the sheet Getting closer, body heat 💞 Skin to skin, tingling senses No restrictions, no defenses Pulling arm up into place Drag myself into your embrace 💞 Hold me tight Hold me right Mind is swooning As we lay spooning 💞 Warm breath... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Nerves Aplenty

Continues from here. Why was I so nervous? Was it the atmosphere I had set? I doubted it. Why was I sitting on the couch next to Jack too busy thinking about my own actions rather than what he was talking about? Why couldn’t I just do what I wanted to do with out thinking... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Back To Work

Continues from here. Over breakfast the following morning I spoke to Bob about the chances of us getting into the venue early to set up and check the gear that had been involved in the accident but I needn’t have bothered because he’d already done it. Sometimes things do just fall into place when you... Continue Reading →

Caressing fingers

Cold fingers caress tingling skin Lightest touch, shock waves begin Body heat now rising quickly Stubble on neck, soft and prickly Staring love struck, eye to eye Sweeter than any lullaby Plump, full lips ready to kiss Bring them closer heavenly bliss Arms circling, warm embrace So close together, face to face Bodies together, legs... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: One Track Mind

Continues from here. Talk about a one track mind, despite Adam’s pain easing by 9:30pm when we settled down back in the motel after dinner he was still trying to get his leg over for a bit of dancing. “C’mon Chris, we have a night off, would be a pity to waste it!” he said... Continue Reading →

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