Ride Hard: Again?

Continues from here. There was two reason Jack and I moved from the seat of the Harley we’d just had mind boggling sex on, firstly it was not the most comfortable spot to be and secondly I needed to visit the ladies room. Despite Jack being polite and helping me off the bike when I... Continue Reading →


Rock Hard: Paying My Dues

Continues from here. I just used sex as leverage to get Adam to shut up. Damn! That’s not me, I don’t mind joking around with sex comments at times but I’m not the person that says things like that to end conversations. I guess the topic of me singing Adam’s words to one of our... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: A Good Decision

Continues from here. With Sonya pretty much taking over my role of preparation and kitchen work while I was gone, thus leaving Francis and Jean to the front of house, I probably should have worked on my mood before I walked in the back door if I didn’t want Sonya to pick up on it.... Continue Reading →

Listening To You Breath

I lay there listening to you slowly breathe Laying asleep, a single cover, you are beneath Your eyes are closed and your breaths are deep My night complete listening to you sleep Your body, how I long to touch A simple grip, a hand to clutch Reaching out, a hand to hold A simple wish,... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: History Repeats?

Continues from here. Yet again my love life was the topic of conversation around the cafe, sometimes it seemed like the whole planet knew. Not that I was thinking about it at the time I took Tom to my bedroom but I shouldn’t have been surprised that both Sonya and Tracey were up for the... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: And The Winner Is

Continues from here. I didn’t need to think about Adam’s wager, I was Mighty confident that I was going to win the bet and his wager wasn’t going to be an issue so I agreed instantly. “You’re on buddy!” I said as I held my hand out to shake his and seal the bet. Grabbing... Continue Reading →

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