Ride Hard: The Morning After

Continues from here. When I woke up at 5:07am I couldn’t believe it not only did I remember the dream I had woken from there was a tingling between my legs that I hadn’t felt upon waking since I was sixteen and had that dream about Mickey Danse the captain of the school’s football team.... Continue Reading →

Breaker Breaker

“Can I offer you a lift honey? The interstate is no place for a nice girl like you to be hitch hiking.” “Who says I’m nice?” I smile up at the driver of the big red Peterbilt who was looking at me from the driver’s seat of his big rig. While I was technically hitch... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: A Kiss And A Promise

Continues from here. When Adam finally got his affirmative answer the rest of the bus had settled down and while they obviously hadn’t forgotten the text messages they had stopped talking about it. I don’t know if Adam had his phone temporarily on silent by the time I agreed to dinner because the boys had... Continue Reading →

What Elvis Doesn’t Know

Continues from here. I’d organised a day off work for the following Tuesday, Elvis didn’t ask for a reason and I didn’t give him one but given that he could keep a secret like Jackie to himself I figured I could too, at least for a while. I just hoped he wouldn't be bitter I... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: A new beginning?

Continues from here. It had been six long weeks since I saw him, he hadn’t even been bringing the kids in on the weekends. Don’t for a second get me wrong I still longed for him, longed for his touch, longed for his warmth and above all longed for his company, I'd exposed a wound... Continue Reading →

Rexie returns to the doctors

Previous Doctor story here. When I walked into the doctor's surgery I couldn’t help but notice the bottle of Viagra sitting proudly on his desk. Being the flirty little girl that I am I didn’t hold back with the comment. “Oh Doctor surely you don’t need such help. You seemed to have no problems standing... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: At Dianne’s house

Continues from here. To say I was nearly floored when Jack politely refused my offer to come inside for a nightcap was an understatement. I’d practiced how I was going to ask him in for so long the idea of him saying no hadn’t entered my mind. So what was his excuse? Was he really... Continue Reading →

Elvis and a table for two

Elvis continues from here. After our last liaison in the house of a client while they were out of town I had to admit when Elvis rang me at lunch time on Monday and told me he needed a file brought to 1287 West Mulberry I wasn’t overly surprised or panicked. I didn’t even ask... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Text Message Ping Pong

Continues from here. I’d like to say I slept soundlessly after Adam left the room, but firstly I couldn’t get to sleep thinking of him and his sensual touch, then when I did finally relax enough to drop off to sleep my dreams were so littered with him that I woke up feeling more tired... Continue Reading →

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