CopyCat Cafe: What’s In A Box P2

Continues from here. So there I was standing at the dinning room table the box Simon had sent me sitting before me. I’d decided to open it thinking that no matter what Simon was sending me it would not change things between us. Simon was my past and Tom was my future and no gift... Continue Reading →


A Single Kiss

A single glance Locked in your trance 😍 A seductive wink Into you I sink 😉 A sensual touch You are nonesuch 🤗 A sweet little whisper Your eyes do glister 😂 Flying high With your goodbye 😁 And a single kiss For me to miss 💋

Rock Hard: Dean Wants Breakfast

Continues from here. Dean looked over at the clock on the beside table, saw the time and said. “You bastards better not have made me miss breakfast with all you dribble and carry on!” “Relax brother,” I said, “think about the good news we’ve just had delivered. Surely that’s worth missing a little breakfast!” We... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: What’s In A Box

Continues from here. “Fuck me!” I muttered upon seeing the sender’s name but my mutter must have been louder than I thought because Tom asked me if I was alright. There was no way Tom hadn’t seen the senders name on the box as he carried it to the back of the house and placed... Continue Reading →

In The Shower

Unbuttoned blouse slipped off the shoulders See you watching, your lust smolders Unzipped skirt, sliding slowly downward Your lustful eyes tell me I’m adored. Waiting patiently you know just what’s in store The second my lacy underwear hits the floor. Naked and sensual I can feel the power Move aside so I can get in the... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Ending A Good Night

Continues from here. Having just had a wonderful evening with Mom and Dad at the restaurant, topped off by a lovely evening walk and talk we were all in good spirits, none more so than Jack. We hadn’t even reversed onto the road after seeing Mom and Dad safely inside the house before Jack was... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Another Tour?

Continues from here. There we were sitting in Dean’s room, remember I burst through the door in the hope of surprising him only to find it was me who was surprised when I realized his girl friend and my bestie, Sarah, was laying in the bed with him? That’s right you remember it, Bob had... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Oh No Not Again!

Continues from here. When I woke the following morning there was two fingers gently caressing my clitoris and tracing a path down my lips. It was weird, not the gentle finger movements, that was nice, no the weird bit was that the instant before I woke up and became conscious I was actually dreaming there... Continue Reading →

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