Continues from here Okay I know what you’re thinking, such a fun game can’t happen three days in a row in a city office block without someone busting us…yes I’m sure that’s why you're thinking. 🙂 But it did. I still hadn’t seen the face of my elevator stranger, we’d both deliberately avoided facial contact... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Meet The Parents

Continues from here. You wouldn’t read about it! There I was parked in Jack’s driveway, Jack was in the passenger seat and we were about to leave his place and head to my parents place for dinner so they could meet Jack for the very first time and my car refused to start. Was my... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Not Enough Sleep

Continues from here. I wasn’t kidding when I told Adam I wanted to sleep, and although I heard him tell me he loved me and encouraged him to spoon me, sleep was exactly what we did. Well I did and I assumed that because I woke up at 7:45am and his arm was still around... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: Oh What A Night

Continues from here. I felt a bit weird lobbing in on Sonya and her partner Tracy’s dinner, it was after all suppose to be a dinner between the two of them to help work through the issues they had but Sonya assured me that it would be fine. “It’s because of you I can do... Continue Reading →


Continues from here Having spent the first few hours of my previous work day sitting at my desk slightly foggy and thinking about the wonderful fingering I’d received from my elevator stranger there was no way I wasn’t going to turn up to work early the next morning. Riding both escalators up to the second... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: An Invite Home

Continues from here. Although I don’t have a problem with making, or taking, the odd personal call at work I waited until Bill left for a 10am appointment before I called my parents to invite Jack and myself for dinner over the weekend. I wasn’t actually nervous about going to dinner with Jack but that... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: I’ll Do Anything

Continues from here. I didn’t ignore the knock at the door for too long. Because I’d already pranked Adam and was only mildly successful given the way he came back at me so quick I figured I needed to end the game before he managed to prank me again. I honestly didn’t think he’d walk... Continue Reading →

CopyCat Cafe: A dinner invite

Continues from here. “So how are things with you and Simon?” Sonya asked trying to divert the conversation as soon as we sat down. We were sitting in the kitchen on stools against the bench for no other reason than that was where were when the coffee was ready. “Nice try kiddo but we are... Continue Reading →

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