Sexcation: Day 30 – Evening cont.

Day 30 – Evening continued Kneeling on all fours and with my head between Wanda’s legs I quickly did as was asked of me and went to town with my tongue and fingers. As I felt Jamie climb off the bed I hoped he had same idea for that lovely hard cock that I did.... Continue Reading →

Four Seasons – Rhyming Haikus

A warm Summer’s night You and me in the moonlight Everything is right A cool night of Fall Away from the urban sprawl Your love can heal all Falling Winter snow Together in our chateau Me and my dear beau The calm nights of Spring I accept your wedding ring As one we do cling... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 10 – Evening

I’ve got to say, Bruce and Taylor were really easy going, actually given the position I found myself in on the sofa in their RV after dinner I’m guessing you’ve already figured that out. I bet you’ve also figured out that it didn’t stop at just one fun episode either. A few more drinks and... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 9 Afternoon

Turns out my new found friend Private ****** had a first name that was very close to my own. His name was Patrick and he was on rec leave of some kind from the Army. He lived in Pampa and during his home stays he always visited the Freedom Museum and offered a bit of... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 1 Evening 1 cont.

“Would you like a coffee?” I asked Sam as I opened the door to my night time lodgings ahead of him. Given that we both knew exactly what it was that was going to happen in that room offering coffee, even freshly made coffee, might have seemed a little odd but I blamed the butterflies.... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Wrap Up

Christie and Adam thank you for joining them on their adventures. It’s been a long ride around half the country and Christie had a ball bringing you all the fun times both on stage and off stage. She enjoyed sharing her life with you as the band played gig after gig and her relationship with... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: The End?

“Neither?” I asked in response to Adam’s response of the same word when I asked him whether we were staying at his place or mine on the first night of being off tour. “That’s right, neither.” He replied and I was wondering if we were about to have one of those circular conversations when he... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: The Final Gig

We were there to rock and rock we did. Nearly all the crowds we’d played to had been good, and a good musician doesn’t say which crowds weren’t, but like I’ve said Chicago was our town, our crowd and they knew all our songs. There is nothing quite like being on stage and hearing your... Continue Reading →

Rock Hard: Chicago

When we rolled into Chicago on the last night of our tour it was like a huge weight dropped off my shoulders, we still had one final gig to do but we were home. For me there is a lot of comfort in coming home, not just the whole home is where the heart is... Continue Reading →

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