Sexcation: Day 23 – Crockett

Crockett was my night twenty three stop, well I stopped there earlier in the day because it was only a two hour trip from Waco, but it was my over night place and it wasn’t a bad over nighter that I got either. I wont bore you with the details of where I found Liam... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Different Water?

“Dip your hand in the water.” Jack said as we approached the water’s edge. “Why? I’ve felt water before.” I replied. “Maybe, but the water here is different.” “Different how?” I was intrigued as to how the water up in the mountains was different. I have heard plenty of people say that the air out... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: You Wash My Back…

“I would have thought that someone your age would have learnt to wash their own back by now?” Jack said to me as he stepped into the shower behind me. I felt his roughish hands on my bare hips and his soft lips on my neck as soon as he finished speaking. “There is a... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: M.A.S.T.E.R

I knew Jack’s comment about me getting the bags out of the car was a joke based on the silliness of the previous ten minutes where we played silly billy’s with the bunk beds in the spare rooms but that didn’t mean I wasn’t happy to help with the job. The first thing I noticed... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Jackie Joker

The silly calling ‘topsies’ when Jack told me about the bunk beds in the bedrooms wasn’t just a comment, I actually made my way all the way to the door, opened it and stepped inside. Past the door there was a small passage way that led to the doors of the two bedrooms on my... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Next Week

“What do I need to buy or organized for next week?” I asked Jack from the working side of the kitchen bench as I made our first coffee of the day. It was the morning after Katie and I had dinner and met Jack at the workshop where I gave Katie a bit of a... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: That Was My Idea

At Jack’s request I honestly did enjoy my present. It took his boys a few days to make the changes I requested but when he presented the finished product to me on the day before my birthday I was over the moon with elation. I was riding so high, not literally, that I had to... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: What Do You Think?

Well it was only burgers, fries and a drink but honestly lunch was still really good. Despite the families out enjoying the Saturday sunshine and the kids yelling and playing everything from football to what looked like it could have been a game of chase the park was relatively quiet. It was the sort of... Continue Reading →

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