A Little Free Verse

Hot Sweaty Toned And honed Your naked body Laying next to mine Breathless Panting Gasping And rasping Your naked body Laying next to mine Used Expired Sucked And fucked Your naked body Laying next to mine


Sexcation Day 5 Evening Cont.

So there I was in Odessa Texas, I’d met a university lecturer at the replica of Stonehenge after he poked his head around one of the stone pillars and smiled at me with his cute boyish face. We’d had dinner and a few drinks and we’d adjourned back to my room for what I hoped... Continue Reading →

Sexcation Day 5 Evening

Did I at some stage say that I was open to new things? Did I at some stage mention something about less inhibitions, or words to that effect? Well I guess if I did that is a good thing because honestly things changed quite a bit on night five and I can tell you now... Continue Reading →

Sexcation Day 5 Cont.

When I got out to my car with my bags the first thing I noticed was that I had a flat tire, not a great way to start the day but since it was heading towards 10am I guess some people would say the day was nearly half over anyway. I’m not a helpless female... Continue Reading →

One Is Never Enough

One is not enough Hard or soft I love them all Bigger the better Unwrap it slowly Anticipation growing What is left to say? Looks good now it’s out Feels wonderful in my hand Heart skipping a beat Bring you to my lips Tasting you is so divine Melt right in my mouth So excited... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 5 Morning cont.

“He likes to watch!” Faith had told me after I asked when Tim was going join us in our warm embrace. I guess I was somewhat surprised by the answer however with what had led us to that point I probably shouldn’t have been. Faith’s fingers gently stroked up and down my wet lips, flicking... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 5 Morning

I woke up in El Paso, on the fifth morning of my sexcation, alone, but like the morning before I knew that was going to be the case before it happened so I was neither worried or upset. Quite the opposite actually I lay there, sun streaming through the blinds with a smile on my... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 4

It still felt a little strange waking up alone with such good memories of the previous night floating through my mind. I’d had one night stands before but even on those nights where waking up next to the person the following morning was not the most flattering sight most of the time I was actually... Continue Reading →

Roll Me Over

Push it in, make me moan Pull it out, make me groan I love to feel your bone I love it when you’re fully grown Thrust it hard, I am all yours Fuck me, now I’m on all fours Keep it up and hear my roars I just love to fuck outdoors Roll me over,... Continue Reading →

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