Seen On A T-shirt

Seen on a T-shirt in the 80’s...still looking to purchased Touch Me Slap Me Rub Me Tease Me Kiss Me Lick Me Bite Me Suck Me Taste Me Spank Me Finger Me Fuck Me Like the dirty bitch I am Cum on my tits Tell me you love me Then get the fuck out!


Sexcation: Day 24 – Heading To Beaumont

So on day twenty four as I sat in the AirBnB eating breakfast I decided I was going to head down to Beaumont for the evening, it was a reasonable sized town I knew very little about and it seemed like a nice place to stop. According to Mr. Google the travelling time was about... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 22 – Evening

Okay I’m going to generalize a little bit here so forgive me before I start just in case there is a few males out there who I offend or maybe emasculate. Does Dr. Pepper make men impotent, or at the very least less likely to preform well in the bedroom, bed, shower, wherever? Have I... Continue Reading →

Free Verse

Your breath upon my neck My name upon your lips Your body atop of mine My lust controlling me Your touch driving me wild My heart beating fast Your lips kissing mine My tongue seeking yours Your waist grinding my hips My wet lips hungry for you Your hard cock thrusting fast My depths begging... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 22 – Morning

I’m a little bit disheartened as I tell you that Roxanne’s efforts did not yield the same results for me as mine did for her. She tried, oh my god she tried. We tried multiple positions, we tried hard, we tried fast, we tried slow, we tried soft and we tried combinations of them all,... Continue Reading →

Sexcation: Day 21 – Evening

“If there is something down that bra I’ll find it!” I said in a bit of a silly voice after the invitation was delivered to me by Roxanne, the girl I met at the hamburger joint. “With your teeth!” Roxanne replied. I’d like to say that what followed was a long drawn out bout of... Continue Reading →

A Love Tanka

Soft lips pressed to mine A warm kiss so passionate I can taste your lust Your tongue, your lips, taste so sweet I can feel your love so deep

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