Ride Hard: The End

So there we were, Jack and I sitting on the sofa at his place and Jack was stumbling over his words, something I could not remember seeing often. Just to catch you up I’d finally blurted out that I wanted to two of us to live together, it wasn’t quite out of the blue in... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: The End Is Near

I guess I don’t really know how to end this, as is evident by the length of what I have written. What started out as me telling you a little about what was my boring life until I met a man named Jack Richards turned into a novel length story of ups and downs, but... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Fishing? Me?

On the Thursday of our week away Jack took us fishing, I couldn’t believe it when he told me of his plan, I mean me, a fishing person, seems so unlikely. He kind of sprung the idea on me over breakfast that morning and must have gotten me while I was weak a weakness brought... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Watching The Rain

The first thing Jack did when we returned to the cabin was light a fire. I’m not going to be rude and suggest it was part of “Macho Jack’s” routine, part of the caveman hunting, gathering and keeping his woman warm for the night, as cute as that was. But I’m not going to not... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Crackling Fire

A nice crackling fire in the fire place, a toasty warm cabin in the middle of seemingly nowhere, a rumbling and lightning filled thunderstorm rolling through the dark of night and a wonderful man to spend all that with. Can things get any better than that? For me I don’t think they can. As soon... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Winding Forest Roads

Not long after we’d had our Sunday breakfast we headed off on a drive along some of the windiest forest roads I’d ever been on. The Mustang and Jack handled the roads well with both caution and relatively ease at the same time, if that is possible. Yet again I was glad we hadn’t brought... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: Jack The Boy Scout

I really wanted to sit on the table in Jack’s cabin with my legs wrapped around his waist holding him inside me all afternoon, but I had dishes to do! I’m only kidding, I know how that sounds and that’s why I said it that way, however there was no demands on me to do... Continue Reading →

Ride Hard: An Afternoon Of…

“What are we going to do this afternoon?” I asked Jack over lunch back at the cabin. After our walk up to the warm stream, our swim and or walk back down I wasn’t overly hungry, but I knew I had to eat something to replace all that energy I had used. Lunch wasn’t that... Continue Reading →

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